Lewis Tanzos

15 October, 2002

Unto the East Kingdom College of Heralds and all others who do receive this letter, greetings from Tanczos Istvan, Eastern Crown Herald!

This ILoI contains the first half of the Pennsic submissisons and has 53 numbered items. Commentary, as always, should be sent to the above address and is due on the 15th of November, 2002.

Yes, I know I have another letter out for commentary - this deadline gives three weeks past the previous letter's deadline. It's only three weeks because we have another fifty-plus item letter from Pennsic coming up, and I don't want to get too far behind.

Unless otherwise stated, the submitter will accept all changes and there are no photocopies of any sources. [PCA] means that there is a photocopy attached.

Good luck., and thanks again in advance for all the hard work you do!

In service,

Istvan Eastern Crown

1. Adriana inghean Labhruinn MacFhionguin (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: Rhodri Ewias

Quarterly argent and Or, a dragon dormant wings inverted and addorsed purpure.

Sound most important

Adriana header in Bardsley dated to 1547.

inghean Labhruinn - in Black under MacLaren, dated to 1467.

MacFhionghuin header in Black, header 'MacKinnon' p 531, ‘Lachlann M'Fynwyn de Myschenys’ witnessed a charter by the Lord of the Isles in 1467

Adriana inghean Labhruinn

2. Alana o Caernafron (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Bruce Armory: Bronwen

Per bend vert and azure, a bend Or between a recorder and a quill pen bendwise argent.

Submitter desires 14th C Welsh language/culture.

Alana from Tangwystl, documented as a 14th Century English name. Form reads 'Juliana will provide doc'. When contacted, she had this to say:

Tangwystl documented in an e-mail as follows (for the registration of Alana McLeland and Alana Griffin, both in 2001): 'Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn has cited (1381) <Robertus filius Radulfi> and <Alana filia eius>. This citation is from: Fenwick, Carolyn C. Poll Taxes of 1377, 1379, and 1381, Part 1: Bedfordshire-Leicestershire p. 112. Unfortunately, we don't have photocopies of it. This probably reflects an underlying feminine <Alan>, but it's fine for registration."

Caernafron is asserted to be a place name in Wales, with no documentation provided.

Alana o

3. Alastar O'Rogan - new device
Herald of Record: Bronwen & Ronan

Sable, on a pale Or between in chief two decrescents argent a spear sable.

[ Name registered April 1997 via the East ]

Alastar O'Rogan

4. Alastar O'Rogan - new badge
Herald of Record: Bronwen & Ronan

[Fieldless] A decrescent argent overall a spear sable.

[ Name registered April 1997 via the East ]


5. Alexandra Adderly - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Joshua Armory: Geneviere Flechyr

Gules semy of lozenges, a lion's face Or.

Sound most important.

Alexandra from Withycombe, p14 dated to 1205.

Adderly in Bardsley, p40, dated to 1574

Alexandra Adderly

6. Ané du Vey (m) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: Name: Caitriona inghean ui Bhraonain Armory: Gwenllian ferch Maredudd

Argent, a chevron inverted ploye vert in chief a fleur-de-lys inverted purpure, a chief engrailed vert.

No major changes.

Ané from Dauzat's Noms de Famille, p 10, s.n. Anne, says that Annet is a masculine form and Ané is a variant.

du Vey from same, p 593 s.n. Vey, (Le) Vey is a header form in Dauzat & Rostang, Vey dated to 1458.

An du Vey

7. Anne de Northwoode (f) - new name
Herald of Record: Joshua

Submitter desires late 13th/early 14th century English name, and registerability over authenticity.

Anne from Withycombe p 25, introduced into England in the 13th C.

Northwoode from 1592 'Edmund Northwoode' in County Bucks found in Bardsley p 562

8. Anneis le Blanc (f) - resub name & resub device
Herald of Record: name: Cadell Blaidd du Armory: Cadell Blaidd du

Sable, a bend argent between a heart gules en soleil Or and a lotus blossom in profile argent.

This is a resubmission of a lost submission from 10/1/1998. The submitter provided receipts from the EK CoH.

No major changes, do not change first name at all. Submitter desires sound, 12th C. Anglo-Norman language/culture

Aennis from R&W s.n. Annas cites this spelling in 1154-89. Talan's Index (http://) lists this under s.n. Agnes.

le Blanc from "16th Century Norman Names" by Cateline de la Mor [ NPCA, it can be found at http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/cateline/norman16.html ], lists 'le Blanc' under 'Surnames'.

Anneis le Blanc

9. Annya Allrasystir Úlfsdóttir (f) - new name
Herald of Record: Shaniya

Submitter desires the meaning 'Annya, everyone's sister Wolf's daughter.' Would prefer to keep Annya if possible, but will accept any form of Anna

Annya from Wickenden's Dictionary of Period Russian Names, p 9, s.n. Anna, dated to 1554-6, Anne dated to 988.

Allrasystir from Geirr Bassi, Allrasystir p 19, means 'everyone's sister'.

Úlfr from Geirr Bassi, p15, listed 21 times. P 17 gives patronymic formation, where -r becomes -s + dóttir

10. Ascelinne de Chambord (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Jake de Twelfoaks Armory: Eleazar

Argent, a chevron sable between three unicorn's heads couped close azure.

No major changes.

Ascelinne found in the 1292 Census of Paris ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/paris.html)

Chambord dates to 1192-1202 as a locative in Nègre's Toponymie Générale de la France, Vol 1, p 197, paragraph 3096b [PCA]

de Chambord

11. Avice of Greylyng - resub device
Herald of Record: Cnut

Per pale vert and purpure three dragons in annulo argent.

Avice of Greylyng

12. Bhairavi of Thescorre - new device
Herald of Record: Eric von Rheinhausen

Argent, a trident sable a bordure semy of lotus blossoms affronty argent.

Bhairavi of Thescorre

13. Boddi Bjarki Bjarnarson (m) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Joshua Armory: Cnut

Per fess Or and sable, a fool's cap per pale gules and sable and a sheep's head cabossed Or within a bordure gules.

Submitter cares most about sound.

Boddi from Geirr Bassi, p8.

Bjarkí also in Geirr Bassi. Bjorn is given name, p 8.

p17 gives construction of patronymic.

Boddi Bjarki Bjarnarson

14. Bran M'Ay (m) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: Alienor de Bathe

Per chevron sable and vert, a chevron between a pithon and a wolf's head erased contourny argent.

No major changes, submitter cares most about sound

M'Ay from Black's Surnames of Scotland, p 522, s.n. Mackay, this spelling dated to 1326.

Bran from OCM, p 33 under that heading, 'one of the most popular names in early Ireland, favored by the O'Byrnes to the end of the middle ages'

Bran M'Ay

15. Bronwen Rose of Greyling - resub device
Herald of Record: Roana

Argent, on a saltire vert a rose argent and on a chief azure three mullets Or.

Bronwen Rose of Greyling

16. Caia Snowden - new device
Herald of Record: Sommelier

Azure, vetu ploye ermine a crescent and in chief a crown argent.

[ County in Atlantia, 4/1/2000 - Verifiable at http://op.atlantia.sca.org/kings_and_queens.html , she reigned with Amalric Blackhart From 13 September 1999 through 1 April 2000. Name registered March 1998 via Atlantia ]

Caia Snowden

17. Catherine Greene - resub device
Herald of Record: Shariya

Vert, an elephant statant trumpeting between three suns in splendor Or.

[ Name in process as Catheryne Green, was on the East's 2002-July LoI, which has not yet been sent to Laurel. Previous device, "Vert, a sun radiant Or, a base Azure, fimbriated Or." returned for violation of the RfS ]


18. Catherine Greene - new badge
Herald of Record: Shariya

(Fieldless) A sun in splendor vert.

[ Name in process, was on the East's 2002-July LoI ]

Catherine Greene

19. Catherine of Rosedale (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: Bronwen

Azure, a rose Or barbed and seeded proper and on a chief argent an arrow fesswise reversed azure.

Submitter desires an English name.

Catherine from Withycombe s.n. Katharine, lists this spelling as one of the header forms. Mari Elspeth nic Bryan's article "Feminine Given Names in Chesham 1538-1600" [ NPCA, it can be found at http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/mari/chesham/chesham-feminine.html ] dates Catherine to 1593.

Rosedale from Mills p 291 cites Rosedale Abbey c. 1140. R&W p 383 s.n. Roseland dated to 1466, p 124 s.n. dale dates one 'John atte Dale' to 1327.

Catherine of Rosedale

20. Daffydd ap Owen de Caledon - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Ulric Armory: Desdemona

Argent, a hedgehog statant within a bordure sable billetty argent.

Submitter will accept dropping the 'de' if required. (and, incidentally, any other changes, major and minor).

Daffydd proposed variant of Dafydd, p 30 of 'A Welsh Miscellany'.

ap from same, p 27, 'son of'.

Owen from Withycombe, p 237, header form, 'a common Welsh name in Middle English Romances'.

Also in Bardsley's index to 'A dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames' p 34, Owen listed under Vaughn, p 780.

de Caledon locative byname 'River Town'. Cole from Ekwall p 78 as a header, cites 'Cale River' in Dorset. -don 'town' as in Clarendon p 104, Hambledon p 204, Maldon p 297 under Malden.

Daffydd ap Owen de Caledon

21. Damiana Almodvar de Sevilla (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Joshua Armory: Deiniol

Or, a tower triple towered sable withing a bordure gules semy of hearts argent.

Submitter desires Spanish 12th century language/culture.

Damiana from '16th Century Spanish Woman's Names' by Elsbeth Anne Roth. (which can be found at http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/spanish.html

Almodvar from Catoioyo de Pasajeros A Indias, vol II, p 145, entry 2435, "Hernando de Almodóvar", dated to 1536.

Sevailla a place name from 'Spanish Names from the late 15th Century' [ NPCA, can be found at http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/juliana/isabella/ by Juliana da Luna.

Damiana Almodvar de

22. Deiniol ap Gwrgwst (m) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Godfrey l'Eveque Armory: ?

Vert, three dice in pale proper between flaunches checky Or and sable.

No major changes, Welsh language/culture.

Deiniol from Tangwystl's 'Welsh Miscellany' as a male given name, p30.

Also gives 'ap' as 'son of',p29.

Gwrgwst "the submitter said he found the name on the St. Gabriel website, but we [herald's point] could not locate it in the articles we had. He promises to submit documentation. Failing that, he will accept Gwrwst, found in the Welsh Miscellany, p30-31". Gwrgwsyt can be found in 'Y Camamseriad' issue 4, page 55 under the entry for "UUrgust". [ Uurgust is also the heading it appears in on the St. Gabriel site in the article A Consideration of Pictish Names by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn, found at http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/tangwystyl/pictnames/pict5.html ]

Deiniol ap Gwrgwst

23. Derborgaill an Chomhaidh Buitiler - new name & new device
Herald of Record: Name: Cadell Armory: Cadell

Vert, on a bend argent between two plates, three lions rampant palewise vert.

Submitter desires 15th Century West Irish language/culture.

Deborgaill from Mari's Feminine Given Names in the Annals of Connacht: 1224-1544 [ NPCA, is http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/mari/AnnalsConnacht/ ] lists 'Deborgaill' to 1265, 1316, 1355, 1385.

an Chomhaidh from Mari's Masculine Descriptive Bynames ( http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/mari/AnnalsIndex/DescriptiveBynames/ )

Buitiler from Mari's Index of names in Irish Annals: Descriptive Bynames found in Feminine Names [ NPCA, is http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/mari/AnnalsIndex/Feminine/DescriptiveBynames.html ] lists 'Buitiler' to 1597

Derborgaill an Chomhaidh Buitiler

24. Dwynwen of Eldestawe (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Bruce Armory: Anlon the Wanderer

Per fess engrailed argent and azure, a seawolf rampant counterchanged sable and argent maintaining a rose sable slipped and leaved vert.

Submitter will only accept a change to 'Ilcum' for the surname and 'of Padstow' for the byname. Submitter desires Welsh or Cornish language/culture.

Dwynwen from http://www.webexcel.ndirect.co.uk/gwarnant/hanes/crefydd/crefyddsaints.htm - this is billed as " A Calendar of Welsh Saint's Days ". [PCA]

Eldestawe from O.J. Padel's Cornish Placenames [NPCA],s.n. Padstow: " There were also two other place names for Padstow. The first is 'Eldestawe' in 1201".

Dwynwen of Eldestawe

25. Edward Grey (m) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Cadell Armory: Gwenllian

Gules, a greyhound rampant contourney and on a chief argent a sword gules.

Any changes acceptable except adding an article ('le', 'de', etc) to the surname.

Edward from Withycombe, header form: "From the accession of Edward I in 1272, there was an Edward on the throne of England for over a century, until 1377."

Grey from R&W s.n. Gray, Grey, le Grey, lists a Philip le Grey in 1296.


26. Edward Grey - new household name
Herald of Record: name: Cadell Armory: Gwenllian
Submitted Name: Household of Lochleven

Lochleven is a place name, allegedly taken from Johnston's Place names of Scotland. There was apparently a prison there which held Mary, Queen of Scots at one time.

[ In fact, there is no header Lochleven in Johnston. There is a Leven, with dated form Lochleuine in 1145

27. Eirikr Gunnarson (m) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Roswitha Armory: Eleazar

Quarterly vert and sable, a phoenix argent.

Submitter cares most about sound.

Eríkr from Geirr Bassi, p 9.

Gunanarr from same, p 10.

Patronymic formed as per guide on p17.q

Eirikr Gunnarson

28. Elizabeth of Rivenstar (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: Name: alianora Armory: ulric

Gyronny gules and or, 4 roses or and 4 holly leaves, stems to center gules.

No major changes, sound most important.

Elizabeth is header in Withycombe, p 99, found in England in the 13th & 14th C.

Rivenstar is a Midrealm Barony, registered 8/79.

Elizabeth of

29. Engel Irene Lassin (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Ulric Armory: Eric von Rheinhausen

Vert, an acorn vert between three oak leaves argent fructed Or.

No major changes. Sound, 1500's Germany most important.

Engel from Bahlow, p 116 header. Conread Engelson (son of Engel) near Meβirch 1329 and has a metronymic Engele (genitive) as in 'Lady Engel'

Irene from Bahlow, header form, p 271.

Lassen from Bahlow, p 327, header form. Lassin suggested as a singular feminine form.

Engel Irene Lassin

30. Engel Irene Lassin - new badge
Herald of Record: name: Ulric Armory: Eric von Rheinhausen

(Fieldless) On an oak leaf azure an acorn Or.

Engel Irene Lassin

31. Enoch MacBain - new badge
Herald of Record:

(Fieldless) An elephant statant bearing on its back a tower argent.

Enoch MacBain

32. Fatima Isabella Villalobos - new badge
Herald of Record:

(Fieldless) On a pile couped Or a grenade proper.

Fatima Isabella Villalobos

33. Fiamuin Kareman (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Cadell Blaidd du Armory: Adelais

Argent, a pale between in bend sinister a sword inverted and a fleam gules.

Submitter desires a name that can be shortened to 'Fia'

Fiamuin from OCM p 99 s.n. Fiamuin, Fiamain; a feminine name, mother of St. Berchán of Clonsast.

Kareman from R&W, p84, uinder Carman gives a 'Simon nepos Kareman' dated to 1196 in the Curia Rolls.

Fiamuin Kareman

34. Francesco Gaetano Greco da Foresta Orientale - resub name & resub badge
Herald of Record: name: Joshua Armory: Mikjal Annarbjoiun

Per fess enarched gules and vert a San Domingo crucifix argent charged with a Christ and characters sable.

Francesco Gaetano Greco da Foresta Orientale

35. Franz von Heilbronn (m) - new name
Herald of Record: Jacqueline de Meux

No major changes. German name desired.

Franz from Gwynek's Late Period Masculine Given Names, dated to 1351-1400

von Heilbronn from Brechenmacher, p 683 under Heilbronn(er), gives a 'Ulr. dictus de Heiliobrunn' in 1248.

[ Actually, it's 'Late Period German Masculine Given Names', at http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/germmasc.html ]

36. Georg Koopmann (m) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Isabetta Seraphina di Rutrillo Armory: Desdemona

Azure, an amphora and a chief rayonny argent.

Submitter desires the meaning 'Koopmann - merchant'

Georg from Bahlow p 165, St. Georg was a martyr under Emperor Diocletian, a minor saint, and patron saint of knights.

Koopmann from Bahlow p 288. "L. Ger. of Kauf(f)mann" gives a Heinrich Kauffman in 1387.

Georg Koopmann

37. Gerlanda Amori d'Agrigento (f) - new name
Herald of Record: Joshua

Gerlanda from de Felice's Nomi: feminine form of Gerlando, p 185.

Amóri from de Felice's Cognomi p 55, header Amóre - Amó is a related given name dated to Firenze 1260. Amóri is allegedly the genitive form, and should be the family name form.

Agrigento from de Felice's Nomi p 185, under "Gerlando". Gerlando is the patron saint of Agrigento, which is dated to the 11th C.

38. Gracia Vazquez de Trillo - new device
Herald of Record: Eric von Rheinhausen

Per pale embattled azure and Or, two suns counterchanged.

Gracia Vazquez de Trillo

39. Grimkell inn Svarti (m) - new name
Herald of Record: Aoife

Meaning, 'the black' most important.

Grimkell from Geirr Bassi, no page number given.

inn Svrati from Aryanhwy's Viking Bynames found in the Landnamabok ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/landnamabok.htm ).

40. Hidesada Tadatsune (m) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Joshua Armory: Roana

Azure, 4 lathes fretted as a delf with an annulet argent.

Submitter desires a Japanese name.

Tádatsune from Throndardottir, p 116, dated to 1332.

Hidesada built from the table on p 43 of Throndardottir, using Hide- and -sada.

Hidesada Tadatsune

41. Hrólfr Hrafnsen (m) - new name change
Herald of Record: Iustinos

[ Registered name Rohlfe Ravenson, in July 1974 ]

No changes except as noted below, desires late 10th century Danish, specifically the island of Seeland (Zeeland) if possible.

Hrólfr from Geirr Bassi, p 11. Also from Introduction to Old Norse by E.V. Gordon [PCA] p 321, paragraph 203(iv) documents Hr- accidence continuing to be used in Old Danish until not long after 1000 A.D. (The actual section reads " hl,m hn, hr were voiced to l, n, r respectively on ODan., and in OSwed. not long after 1000. ruulfr (i.e. Roulfr) in a ninth-century Dan. inscription.") p 324, paragraph 223 documents the use of the -r accidence until approx. 1150 in Danish ("Final -r of the masc. nom. sg. and pl. was lost in EN. In Danish it began to disappear about 1150"). This is why the submitter believes that the submitted spelling is still valid in the period in question.

Hranfsen from Geirr Bassi, p11. Formation of patronymic -son in mid, to late 10th C. Gordon, p 323, paragraph 215 states that unaccented vowels become weakened in East Norse. ("Unaccented vowels were weakened: a became æ (then e), i became e, u(o) became e, æ: thæt 18/8, thet 20/85, drakkæ 18/30; sek 18/17, døthær 18/20") The remainder of this citation is verbatim from the consulting sheet: " Based on a conversation the submitter had with Geirr Bassi Haraldsson around 1976, we believe the genitive may have been dropped in East Norse in this period, but we cannot find written documentation one way or another as the Geirr Bassi 'Old Norse Name' reference discusses West Norse (Icelandic) Patronymics as formed in the Landnámabók and similar Icelandic documents in period. "

The only changes allowed are Hrafnsen may be changed to Hrafnssen and he will reluctantly accept the form -son for the patronymic if absolutely no examples of the -sen form can be found dating to the late 10th Century.

42. Hubert d'Avignon (m) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: Roana

Quarterly azure and argent, in bend two crescents Or.

Submitter desires 16th Century French.

Hubert from the 1292 Paris Census. ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/paris.html)

d'Avignon from Dauzat & Rostaing's Noms de Lieux s.n. Avignon.

[ No dates given, please help. This appears to be a resubmision by the same person who had 'Ayden Pathfinder' returned at kingdom, though no other data is given.

Hubert d'Avignon

43. Ignacia el Ciego - resub name
Herald of Record: Aoife inghean Roilbeard

No major changes. Submitter wants sound, prefers 'Ignacia', desires female name but will accept masculine if necessary.

"Ignacia is an undocumented feminization of the documented masculine name 'Ignacio' - Juliana will document. "

el Ciego - 'the blind' from Apellidos Castellano-Leoneses , p 269.

There is also a mention of Spanish names from the late 15th Century [NPCA, is http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/juliana/isabella/ ], mentioning that " Late 15th C. - persons named after an attribute - The courteous (cortes), the true (vera)", but this is not connected to any other statements.

44. Irene Lenoir - new badge
Herald of Record: Adelais de Savigney

[Fieldless] An olive branch fructed vert.


45. Isabeau de Valle - new name & new device
Herald of Record: Jeanne Marie

Argent, a hare courant sable between three roundels gules and on a chief sable three decrescents argent.

No changes. Form also says 'Isabeau in this spelling is the most important thing.'

Isabeau listed in Morlet's Noms de Famille (sn.n Isabelle, p 529.), undated, and listed as a variation of the biblical name Elizabeth. Colm Dubh's 1292 Census [ This is An Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of Paris, found at http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/paris.html ] lists Ysabelot and Isabelot, showing the Y/I switch. Also listed is Ysabiau. Aryanhwy's French names from Paris, 1423 + 1438 [NPCA, can be found at http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~sfriedemann/names/paris1423.htm ] lists Ysabeau.

de Valle is found in Dauzat & Rostaing Noms de lieux s.n. val, p 694, dated to 1132.

Isabeau de Valle

46. Isabella de Soumont (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Elsbeth/Juliana Armory: Eleazar

Vert, a tree blasted argent and on a chief Or three fleurs- de- lys vert.

No major changes. meaning most important, wants element 'mont'.

Isabella from Withycombe s.n. Isabel(la) dates Isabella to 1379.

de Soumont from Dauzat & Rostaing s.n. Soumont, dates de Somonte to 1194.

Isabella de Soumont

47. Ismenia Cachelove (f) - new name
Herald of Record: Ennoquent filia Bronmael

Meaning most important.

Ismenia in Withycombe, p 165, "This name is found in the 12th century in various forms." Ismenia 1218.

Cachelove from Jönsjö p 69, Du Will. cachelove 1341.

48. Jake de Twelfoaks - new badge
Herald of Record: Eleazar

[Fieldless] An oak leaf per pale azure and argent.

Jake de

49. James Hawk Galloway - new device
Herald of Record: Roana

Sable, a cross Maltese within a mascle of spears argent.

James Hawk Galloway

50. Jeannine de Bordeaux - new device
Herald of Record: Cnut

Vert, three fleurs- de- lys in pall inverted within a bordure argent.

Jeannine de Bordeaux

51. Jocelyn of Carolingia - new name
Herald of Record: Marcus Blackaert

Submitter desires late 13th or 14th century name, sound most important.

Jocelin(us) from Withycombe, header form, p177, shows Jocelin(us) in 1273 and 1285.

Carolingia is an SCA group in the East, name registered June 1973.

52. John Lyttleton - new badge
Herald of Record: Abraham ha- Rofeh

Badge: (Fieldless) A horse's head couped argent.


53. Juliana de Essex (f) - new name & new device
Herald of Record: name: Alaianora Gyllecatan Armory: Knut

Azure, two arrows and in chief three crescents pendant argent.

Juliana from Withycombe s.n. Julian(a) p 184, 'one of the most common girls names from the 12th to the 15th C.

de Essex from R&W p157, header form, shows William de Essex in 1246-7

Juliana de Essex


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