01 August 2004 Eastern Internal LoI

Format raw file zipped tarred/gzipped tarred/bzip2-ed
MS-Word 2004-Aug-01-ILoI.doc 2004-Aug-01-doc.zip 2004-Aug-01-doc.tar.gz 2004-Aug-01-doc.tar.bz2
Adobe PDF 2004-Aug-01-ILoI.pdf 2004-Aug-01-pdf.zip 2004-Aug-01-pdf.tar.gz 2004-Aug-01-pdf.tar.bz2
RTF 2004-Aug-01-ILoI.rtf 2004-Aug-01-rtf.zip 2004-Aug-01-rtf.tar.gz 2004-Aug-01-rtf.tar.bz2
Postscript 2004-Aug-01-ILoI.ps 2004-Aug-01-ps.zip 2004-Aug-01-ps.tar.gz 2004-Aug-01-ps.tar.bz2
HTML B&W 2004-Aug-01-ILoI.html 2004-Aug-01-html.zip 2004-Aug-01-html.tar.gz 2004-Aug-01-html.tar.bz2
HTML Color 2004-Aug-01-ILoIC.html 2004-Aug-01-html-color.zip 2004-Aug-01-html-color.tar.gz 2004-Aug-01-html-color.tar.bz2
Just the images
Just the COLOR images

WordPerfect is no longer available, thanks to my office blindly upgrading to Microsoft Word 2003, which only has input filters for this format. My apologies, this was forced on me without my input.