December 2005 Eastern Internal LoI

Only the HTML is currently here. Other formats will follow over the next few days.

Format raw file zipped tarred/gzipped tarred/bzip2-ed
MS-Word 2005-12-ILoI.doc 2005-12-doc.tar.gz 2005-12-doc.tar.bz2
Adobe PDF 2005-12-ILoI.pdf 2005-12-pdf.tar.gz 2005-12-pdf.tar.bz2
RTF 2005-12-ILoI.rtf 2005-12-rtf.tar.gz 2005-12-rtf.tar.bz2
Postscript 2005-12-ps.tar.gz 2005-12-ps.tar.bz2
HTML B&W 2005-12-ILoI.html 2005-12-html.tar.gz 2005-12-html.tar.bz2
HTML Color 2005-12-ILoIC.html 2005-12-html-color.tar.gz 2005-12-html-color.tar.bz2
Just the images
Just the COLOR images