This is the official web page of the Blue Tyger Herald. The office of the Blue Tyger (Formerly the Eastern Crown) is responsible for handling all heraldic submissions from East Kingdom residents.

Important News:

The Ask a Herald feature is now available on the East Kingdom site!

As of 22 August 2013, the number of copies needed has been reduced by Laurel. We now need one copy of each name form (and associated documentation). As long as the form is complete and all documentation is included, Blue Tyger will also accept name submissions via email - but any payment will still need to be sent separately. For Armory we need one copy of the line art and as of April 14, 2014 (1) one colored copy. For Armory documentation, only one copy is needed.

OSCAR now has ability to search within kingdom internal letters of intent for those with the right permissions.

Page Contents:

The Eastern Submission Forms

Please make sure you use the current forms. They should be labeled "Laurel v. 3.0; East v1.0 (Laurel Approved 28 JUN 2016)" at the bottom right-hand corner. Submissions on old or altered forms will generally be returned.

Item to be submitted Word Document Adobe PDF Instructions (PDF)
_Personal name, household name Individual Name Form Individual Name Form Individual Name Instructions
_Branch name, award name, heraldic title Group Name Form Group Name Form Group Name Instructions
_Individual armory, branch armory Device Form Device Form Device Instructions
_Individual armory - lozenge Device Form Device Form Device Instructions
_Personal badge, household badge, award, office, seal, alternate personal arms Badge Form Badge Form Badge Instructions
_Fieldless badge (no particular background) Fieldless Badge Form Fieldless Badge Form Badge Instructions

Important Technical Note: While many systems default to opening files with a .doc extension using Wordpad, this and other rich text editors are not actually capable of interpreting this file type correctly. If you do not have Word or OpenOffice (or something comparable), please use the PDF version of the submission form.

How to Submit

Please contact a herald to assist you in the submissions process. He or she should have valuable experience that can help you avoid potential problems with your submission. If you can't find a herald locally, please contact Blue Tyger Herald for a referral.

Your submission must obey the Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA), Administrative Handbook, and other applicable Laurel and Brigantia policies in order to be accepted; failure to do so can cause your submission to be returned. This means that, among other requirements, the official forms must be completed, all necessary documentation must be included, and an adequate number of copies of both the form and the documentation must be made.

NOTE: The only sources for documentation that do not require photocopies are listed in Appendix H of the Administrative Handbook. This also applies to documentation to support armory submissions. Sources to avoid are found in Appendix F of the Administrative Handbook. Branch names and devices require petitions. See the Admin Handbook for more information.

Form/Documentation # of Copies
_Name Form 1 (one)
Documentation (if copies required) 1 (one)
_Armory Form with outline drawing 1 (one)
Colored form1 (one)
Documentation (if copies required) 1 (one)

What to Submit and Where to Send It

Once your submission forms and documentation are assembled, include a check or money order made payable to "SCA Inc. - East Kingdom" in an amount totaling $9.00 (USD) or $10.00 (CDN) for each new submitted item (each name, device, badge, etc.). If you are submitting a name and device together, the total fee is $18.00 (USD) / $20.00 (CDN). Resubmissions are free if we can track down the earlier submissions, so please try to give us as much information on the prior attempt(s) as you can. Please write on the memo line of the check which SCA name it is for.

Consulting heralds, including consulting tables at evets are no longer permitted to accept submission forms or payment. Instead, the completed forms will be given to the submitters, who will then mail them with the appropriate payment. Submitters in the United States (Southern, Central, and Northern Regions) should mail submissions to:

Muirenn ingen DĂșnadaig
Diademe Herald
Box 5249
Albany, NY 12205

(DO NOT make out the check/money order to Blue Tyger Herald personally! See above for the payee.)

Those in Canada (Crown Province of Tir Mara) should mail submissions to:

Jeanne de Robin, Blue Alaunt Herald
Joanna Hobbins
PO Box 63515 CC VAN-HORNE,
Montreal, QC
H3W 3H8

Please note that checks mailed to Diademe must be in US Dollars. Cheques mailed to Blue Alaunt must be in Canadian Dollars.

Tips and Reminders

The Overall Submission Process

Heraldic submissions are processed in batches called Letters of Intent. These come in two versions: kingdom-level Internal Letters of Intent (ILoIs) and Society-level External Letters of Intent (xLoIs). LoIs have a set commentary period, when other heralds can check each submission for rules violations, help find adequate documentation, and search for possible conflicts with already registered items. After this commentary period, all the comments that have been received are taken into consideration and a decision is made about each submission.

In the East Kingdom, Blue Tyger Herald issues both the ILoI and the kingdom-level decisions for it, in the form of a Letter of Decisions (LoD). (Previous officeholders have sometimes called them Letters of Response [LoR].) Based on this LoD, Blue Tyger Herald then issues the xLoI. This xLoI goes out to the Society-wide College of Arms for commentary, using the Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR).

Laurel Sovereign of Arms and her deputies Wreath (armory) and Pelican (names) hold monthly decision meetings. The results of each month's meetings are published as a Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR). For convenience, LoARs are dated by the month of the meeting, but it is important to keep in mind that it takes time to write, proofread, and triple-check the letter.

Official notification of the result of each step of the process (that is, the decision on the LoD and LoAR) is sent out to each Eastern submitter by Mural Herald. Please notify Mural if your address changes while you have a submission in process.

Schedule; or How Long Will This Take?

Submissions are placed on an ILoI roughly every month.

In either case, official notification letters may take a bit longer, depending on Mural's schedule and the vagaries of the post office. Registered items will also show up in the Ordinary and Armorial (O&A), which is updated monthly.

Sometimes, a high volume of submissions or other circumstances can cause delays of a few weeks. We appreciate your patience.


ILoIs are issued around mid-month, and have a one-month commentary period. Kingdom-level decisions are issued at the begininning of the following month, but may be a little later if the volume is high. For example, a submission which arrives by about January 1st will be on an ILoI dated on or around Jan. 15th. The commentary deadline will be around Feb. 15th, and the decisions will be issued at the beginning of March.

External letters of intent are up for commentary for two months, and are considered at the Laurel meetings in the month following the end of this commentary period. For example, an xLoI issued in March will normally be scheduled for the July meetings. It typically takes at least two months for the LoAR to be published.

Once a submission has left kingdom, you can check its general status in OSCAR. Note that some decisions require additional research and discussion after the meetings, and decisions can change as a result. For this reason, the decisions are not final and cannot be disclosed until the official LoAR is issued.

Contacting BTH

The current Blue Tyger Herald (Formerly the Eastern Crown Herald) is known in the SCA as Baron Yehuda ben Moshe. He can be contacted by emailing Blue Tyger Herald, or by mail at the address given above.

Resources for Consulting Heralds

East Kingdom College of Heralds:

SCA College of Arms and Laurel Sovereign of Arms:

Conflict Tables:

Miscellaneous Sources:

The Eastern Letters of Intent

The LoI page includes the bulk of published letters immediately relating to heraldic submissions in the East Kingdom. The columns are as follows: Eastern Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI), Eastern Letter of Decision (LoD), Eastern External Letter of Intent (xLoI), and Laurel Letter of Acceptance and Return (LoAR) by date of the meeting (each LoAR is published approximately two months after this meeting date). For a guide to the commentary process, please see Commenting on Letters of Intent.

To participate in the heraldic commentary process, please see the Online System for Commentary and Response section, below.

Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR)

The heraldic submission process depends to a great degree on the contributions of heralds from throughout the kingdom and beyond. We need other heralds to check the documentation and help fill in any gaps, to check for conflict, and to raise and discuss potential issues with the submission. Commentary allows us to strengthen submissions as much as possible, to give them the best chance of success, or to identify fatal problems.

The East's internal letters of intent (kingdom level) are found in OSCAR at To comment, you need to first sign up for an account, and then wait for it to be approved. Once you sign in using your favorite Web browser, you can view the submissions currently up for discussion and submit your comments online. Heralds at all levels are welcome to contribute in kingdom-level commentary.

External letters of intent (Society level) are also found in OSCAR, but at, and the commenters are usually more experienced heralds.

Note: Commentary is not open to the general public. This is because confidential information may be discussed, and because commenters speak more freely in a closed environment. Issues raised in commentary may or may not be a factor in the final decision. For that reason, just because something was brought up doesn't mean the submission is not registerable. Conversely, just because a problem was not noted in commentary does not mean that a submission is registerable. For this reason, we ask that heralds not share the commentary directly with submitters, although issues or questions raised in commentary may require follow-up with submitters. In that case, Blue Tyger will usually contact the submitter and/or consulting herald.

Anyone can view the letters of intent in OSCAR, even without an account. However, only those with accounts and the proper permissions can add and view comments. For submitters who just want to check on the overall status of submissions after they leave kingdom, no account is needed. Just check out the Sub Status page in SCA OSCAR.

Kingdom letters of intent (iLoIs) dating from August 2008 to February 2012 are found in our prior system, EK OSCAR WHICH IS CURRENTLY DOWN. You can still access this system if needed, but an account may be necessary to view certain content. Links to the Letters of Intent are found in our tracking table.

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