Tanczos Istvan
25 May 2005

Greetings Unto Elisabeth Laurel, Gwenllian Wreath, Margaret Pelican, Jean-Marie proto-Wreath, all members of the College of Arms and all others who do receive this letter!

It is the intent of the East to have the following items registered. Unless stated otherwise, the submitter accepts all changes and has no requests for authenticity.

Istvan Blue Tyger

Alicia de Berwic 1 Alicia de Berwic (f) - New Primary Name & New Device

Azure, on a bend between two foxes sejant guardant argent, an arrow azure.

'Alicia' is a variant of Alice. Talan Gwynek cites examples from 1202-1384 in "Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames" ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/reaneyAG.html ).

'de Berwic' means "of Berwic", a city in southern Scotland. This spelling is found several times in Black s.n. 'Berwick', p. 71: 'John de Berwic' 1295, 'Patrick de Berwic' 1328, and 'Thomas de Berwic' 1411.

2 Alid of Ashwell (f) - New Primary Name

If the name must be changed the submitter cares more about the sound.

'Alid' is in Talan Gwynek's "Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames", ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/reaneyAG.html ) s.n. 'Ailith' with the submitted spelling dated to 1086.

'Ashwell' is in Bardsley, p. 63 s.n. 'Ashwell', dated in that spelling to 1647.

3 Anneis Le Blanc (F) - New Primary Name Change (from Anneis Blanke)

'Anneis' is from R&W, s.n. 'Annas', dated to 1154-89. The name is also listed in Talan Gwenek's "Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames" ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/reaneyAG.html ) (s.n. Agnes).

'le Blanc' is from "Sixteenth Century Norman Names" by Cateline de la Mor ( http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/cateline/norman16.html ), which lists 'Le Blanc' under surnames.

The submitter's current name was registered in November of 2003, via the East. Upon registration of the new name, the submitter wishes to release the old name.

Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande 4 Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande - New Badge

(Fieldless) A lantern gules

The submitter's name was registered in September 2004, via the East.

Damiana Illaria Doneda 5 Damiana Illaria d'Oneda - New Badge

Argent, in fess two coneys salient sable within an orle of ivy vert.

The name appeared on the East Kingdom's 24 January 2005 Letter of Intent, which has not yet been decided by Laurel.

Duncan Kerr 6 Duncan Kerr - New Badge

(Fieldless) A horse passant gules charged on the shoulder with a cross couped argent.

The submitter's name was registered in August of 2000 via the East.

Eddval Tvístangir 7 Eddval Tvístangir (m) - New Primary Name & New Device

Per bend Or and vert, a beer stein and a bear rampant contourny counterchanged.

'Eddval' is from the Övar-Odds saga (Icelandic saga of the "Mythic-heroic" period, recorded in 13th century.) Photocopy of English translation ("Arrow-Odd", Chap. 20, p117 of Seven Viking Romances, translated by Herman Palsson and Paul Edwards, Penguin Books, 1985) attached. This is a name of a human in period literature, and is allowed via the names from period literary sources guidelines, from the February 1999 Cover Letter.

'Tvístangir' is a constructed byname composed of the elements 'Tví' (meaning 'two') and 'stangir' (meaning 'poles'), from 'Stöong' (singular, 'pole'). Aryanhwy merch Catmeal's "Viking Bynames found in the Landnámabók" ( http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/vikbynames.html ) lists bynames such as 'Skökull' ('Cartpole') and 'bíldr' ('ax-blade'), 'þvari' ('spear') as well as 'tvennumbrúní' ('double-brows'). Dictionary entries from Zöega's Dictionary of Old Icelandic and discussions with other consulting heralds are attached. (Note that Zöega's dictionary appears to be online at http://www.northvegr.org/zoega/index002.php)

Elinor Strangewayes 8 Elinor Strangewayes (f) - New Primary Name & New Device

Vert, a bee and on a chief embattled Or an acorn between two oak leaves fesswise stems to center vert.

'Elinor' can be found in Withycombe, s.n. 'Eleanor(a), Elinor', dated in that spelling to 1604.

Reaney & Wilson s.n. 'Strangeway, Strangeways, Strangways, Strangwick' dates 'Strangeways' to 1513 and 'Strangways' to 1527. The submitted spelling is found in "Faire Names for English Folk: Late Sixteenth Century English Names" ( http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/christian/fairnames/surnames.html#list ) by Chris Laning (Christian de Holacombe).

Elinor Strangewayes & Ulrich des Dunkelberges 9 Elinor Strangewayes & Ulrich des Dunkelberges - New Joint Badge

Per pale Or and azure, a Cathrine's wheel counterchanged.

Both names appear on this letter.

Giovanna del Pennino 10 Giovanna del Pennino - New Badge

(Fieldless) A quill pen nib per pale sable and argent.

The name appears on the East Kingdom's 24 January 2005 Letter of Intent.

Gisela vom Kreuzbach 11 Gisela vom Kreuzbach (f) - New Primary Name & New Device

Or, a garb gules atop a trimount sable.

No major changes. The submitter asks that the 'vom' not be changed, nor the 'K' changed to 'C'. The submitter cares most about a Germanic language/culture.

'Gisela' is in Lexikon der Vornamen by Günther Drosdowski, s.n. 'Gisela' which reads, "Der name kam schon in Mittelalter häufig vor, Gisela heissen die Schwester Karls des Grossen...". Roughly translated, "The name was already frequent in the middle Ages. Gisela was the sister of Charlemagne..." The name also appears in Nicolaa de Bracton's 'Early Germanic Names from Primary Sources' ( http://members.tripod.com/nicolaa5/articles/german.html).

'vom' is a contraction of 'von dem' meaning 'of the'.

'Kreuzbach' is a constructed name meaning 'crooked brook'. Brechenmacher s.n. 'Kreuzburg' has a 'Hildebrand Creuzburg' in 1312 and s.n. 'Kreuzfelder' lists a 'Joachim Kreuzfeldy' in 1562. Other headers include 'Kreuzmaler', 'Kreuznacher', 'Kreuzweger'. For 'bach', s.n. 'Silberbauch' cites 'Alvert Silverbuc' in 1262; s.n. 'Wildenbruch' shows [adj + 'brook']; s.n. 'Schwein' notes 'Schweinbach(er)' dated to 1391; and s.n. 'Rotenbach(er)' dates 'Röt(t)enbach' to 1358.

Gisela vom Kreuzbach 12 Gisela vom Kreuzbach - New Badge

(Fieldess) A pair of barnacles Or.

13 Gwenlliana Hayes - New Primary Name

The submitter desires that the name be made more authentic for Welsh.

'Gwenlliana' is from Tangwystyl's "Women's Names in the First Half of 16th Century Wales" ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/welshfem16/welshWomen16.html ).

'Hayes' is dated to 1552 in Julian Goodwyn's "Brass Inscription Index" ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/brasses ).

Hawk's Reach, Canton of 14 Haukes Reche, Canton of - New Device

Per chevron inverted azure and sable, a chevron inverted between a laurel wreath Or and a hawk rising argent.

A petition from the necessary officers is attached. The name appeared on the East Kingdom March 2005 Letter of Intent.

Ivyeinrust, Bailiwick of 15 Ivyeinrust, Bailiwick of - New Badge

(Fieldless) An ivy leaf inverted proper

A petition from the necessary officers is attached. The name was registered in May of 1981 via the East.

This is clear of conflict with Bela of Eastmarch (January 1993, via the West): '(Tinctureless) A grape leaf inverted dependent from a tendril', receiving one CD for fieldlessness (RfS X.4.a.iii.) and one CD because the shapes of the two types of leaves from each piece of armory are different enough (RfS X.4.e.).

16 Jehanne Urchurdan - Resub Household Name (Sea Dragon Keep)

The submitter's name was registered in 1984, via the East. This exact household name was returned at kingdom for lack of documentation supporting the pattern of the name. The return was appealed to Laurel. Laurel returned it on the February 2005 LoAR for lack of documentation supporting the pattern of the name. This resubmission grants the allowance that, if absolutely necessary for registration, the name 'Inn of the Sea Dragon' would be acceptable.

17 Jocea Osanna of Ravenglass (f) - New Primary Name

'Jocea' is in Gwynek's "Feminine Given Names in a Dictionary of English Surnames". ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/reaneyHZ.html ) Reaney & Wilson s.n. 'Joyce' dates 'Jocea' to 1199.

'Osanna' is in Reaney & Wilson, p334, s.n. 'Ozanne' which lists 'Osanna' in 1160.

'Ravenglass' is in Ekwall, which dates 'Ravenglas' to 1297 under s.n. 'Ravenglass'. The Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names by Victor Watts dates 'Ravenglas(se)' to 1297-1540 under the same header.

John FitzArnulf de Lithia 18 John FitzArnulf de Lithia - New Device Change

Bendy sinister sable and gules.

The submitter's original name, 'John of Lithia, called Star-Fountain', was registered in October of 1979 via Meridies and changed to 'John FitzArnulf de Lithia' in April of 1990 via Trimaris. His current device, 'Bendy sinister sable and gules, on a mullet Or a fountain', was registered in October of 1979 via Meridies. Upon registration of this submission, the submitter would like to retain his old device as a badge.

Though this design runs afoul of RfS VIII.2.b.iv for having a field divided into more than four pieces without good contrast between them, the submitter is simply removing the charges from his previously registered device, and is allowed to reuse the field via the so-called 'grandfather clause'. (RfS VII.8)

Justine Hart 19 Justine Hart (f) - New Primary Name & New Device

Sable, a heart and on a chief argent three hearts sable

'Justine' appears in Withycombe, s.n. 'Justina' dated to the 4th century in France. The spelling 'Justina' is dated to 1556.

'Hart' is found in Black, s.n. 'Hart' dated to 1561.

Kis Mária 20 Kis Mária - Resub to Laurel Device

Argent, an escarbuncle per fess sable and gules and in chief a mouse statant sable.

The submitter's name was registered in January of 2004 via the East. The previous device submission, 'Argent, an escarbuncle of six arms per fess sable and gules in chief a gerbil sable', was returned at the same time for containing a non-period charge, the gerbil.

21 La Selve d'Aure, Shire of - New Group Device

Or, three pine trees vert and on a chief indented azure a laurel wreath between two mullets Or.

The group's name was registered in February 2005, via the East.

22 Leofric æt Couæntréé (m) - New Primary Name

'Leofric(us)' appears in Withycombe, s.n. 'Leofric' dated to the Domesday Book.

'æt' is a Middle English form of 'at', found in the introduction to Reaney & Wilson

'Couæntréé' is in Ekwall, s.n. 'Coventry', which shows this form dated to 1043-50.

Maeve of Abbeydorney 23 Maeve of Abbeydorney - New Device

Vert, a coracle sustained on the back of a whale naiant Or.

The submitter's name was registered in September 2004, via the East.

Marietta da Firenze 24 Marietta da Firenze - New Device

Per pale azure and gules, an orle of dice Or

The submitter's name was registered in May of 2004 via the East.

25 Melodia de Westbrok (f) - New Primary Name

'Melodia' is dated in that spelling to 1212 in Talan Gwynek's "Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames" ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/reaneyHZ.html ) s.n. 'Melody'.

'Westbrok' is in Ekwall, s.n. 'Westbrook', which dates 'Westbrok' to 1287-90.

26 Muriel Halliday (f) - New Primary Name

The submitter will allow accents to be added, but no other spelling changes.

'Muriel' is found in Withycombe dated to 1198, 1200, 1205, and 1273. 'Muriel' is also in R&W, which dates 'Muriel de Chorlton' to 1327, s.n. 'Chorlton'.

'Halliday' is in Black, p339, s.n. 'Halliday', which reads, "John Halliday at Hoddom in record, 1439".

Osgrim Scrökeises 27 Osgrim Scrökeisen (m) - New Primary Name & New Device

Or, a sword inverted gules between two dragons combattant sable.

The submitter will accept only the following changes to the name: the umlaut may be removed or the spelling may be changed to 'Shrokeisen'. The submitter is aware of the single weirdness due to the discrepancy in dates and wishes to proceed with this submission.

'Osgrim' is dated to 10th century in Kess Nieuwenhuijsen's website "German names before 1150" ( http://www.keesn.nl/names/index.html ), 'Scrökeises' is dated to 1579 in Brechenmacher vol.2. s.n. "Schreckseisen", cited as 'Leonh. Schröckseisen'. It is also found undated on p506 of Hans Bahlow's The Dictionary of German Names.

The submitted device may conflict with Thomas Rumboll (September 1994 via the West): 'Or, three dragons segreant sable', receiving a single CD for the change to the arrangement of the single charge group (via RfS.X.4.g), and having no further difference for changing the type of one of the dragons to a sword or for the change of orientation of only one of the dragons. No clear consensus was reached by the East Kingdom Commenters, and so it is asked that College of Arms consider the device.

Padrig Saethydd 28 Padrig Saethydd (m) - New Primary Name & New Device

Quarterly sable and azure, an estoile of eight rays and in chief three increscents argent.

The submitter requests authenticity for 15th century Welsh and cares most about meaning.

'Padrig' is from p30 of Tangwystyl's A Welsh Miscellany (CA 66) under the section for men's given names.

'Saethydd' ibid., p33, under the section for occupational bynames, meaning 'archer'.

There is one weirdness for the estoile of eight rays, as per the return of Rowen ferch Rhys in April 2000, but no other issues.

29 Richard Napier (m) - New Primary Name

If the name must be changed the submitter states that the sound of the surname must include 'Nap' sounds.

'Richard' is from Withycombe, s.n. 'Richard' p253, which reads, "Richard & Ricard were equally common in the middle ages".

'Napier' is from Reaney & Wilson, s.n. 'Napier' p319, which reads, "One who is in charge of the napery or table-linen". 'Peter Napier' 1148.

Richild La Gauchere 30 Richild La Gauchere - New to Laurel Device

Or, five pavilions vert.

The submitter's name was registered in June of 1995 via the East.

Sarra Fina Macdonald 31 Sarra Fina Macdonald - New Device

Azure, a lozenge argent and a chief indented lozengy argent and azure.

The submitter's name was registered in October of 1999 via the East.

Tanczos Ilona 32 Tanczos Ilona - New Badge

(Fieldless) A periwinkle flower per bend purpure and argent

The name was registered in November 2004, via the East.

33 Toi Poisson de Mortagne (f) - New Primary Name

'Toi' is the submitter's mundane name. The necessary documentation was viewed by Eastern Crown Herald.

'Poission' is found in Aryanhwy merch Catmael's 'French Names from Chastenay, 1448-1457' ( http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/french/chastenay.html), dated to 1453, 1454, and 1455.

'de Mortagne' is from Dauzat & Rostaing, which contains that header form undated. Variants include 1180 'Mortesna', and 1156 'Mortennam'. These are rivers. Under the header 'Mortagne-au-Perche' in the same work are listed 'comitis Mauritaniae' dated to 1086, 'Moritaniam' dated to 966, 'castrum Mauritaniae' in 1154, 'Mauritania' in 1047, and 'Mortain' with the dated citations 'Moritoin' in 1025, 'Mauritonio' in 1055, and 'Moritanni' (in genitive form) in 1056. Reaney and Wilson, p. 315 s.n. 'Morten' relates this English name to 'Mortagne (La Manche)' in France and lists 'Macus de Mauritania, de Moretaine' in 1086, 'Gilbert de Moretaign' in 1187, and 'Eustace de Mortaine' in 1219.

Ulrich des Dunkelberges 34 Ulrich des Dunkelberges (m) - New Primary Name & New Device

Per fess indented gules and counter-ermine, in chief a bear's head couped Or.

'Ulrich' is in Talan Gwynek's "Medieval German Given Names from Silesia" dated to 1250, c.1285, 1296, 1300, 1311, 1320, 1337, 1349, and 1369 ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/bahlow_v.htm )

Dunkleberg is a constructed locative byname intended to mean 'dark mountain'.'Dunkelgot' is in Bahlow s.n. 'Dunkelgod' in the 14th century. 'Glisberg' is in Brechenmacher s.n. 'Gleisberg' dated to 1391.

Da'ud, in the August 1994 LoAR, returned the locative vom Dunkelschloss: "The usual generics for castle, etc. were -burg, -berg, and -stein, and somewhat less often -fels, -eck, and -feste. The few examples of schloss, none of which are clearly period, use the word as a prefix: Schloss X. Given the extreme rarity of dunkel as a placename element at all, the combination seems to make Dunkelschloss far too improbable to register. Dunkelstein, Dunkelburg, Dunkelberg, and Dunkelfels would probably all be registerable: the first element is still somewhat unlikely, but the overall construction is fine, and so the use of dunkel would be only "one weirdness".

Violet Gray 35 Violet Gray - New Device

Per bend sinsiter rayonny purpure and argent, a squirrel contourny and a violet slipped and leaved counterchanged.

The submitter's name appeared on the East Kingdom 27 November 2004 External Letter of Intent, which was decided in March 2005. The LoAR for that meeting has not yet been issued.

This is, by my count, 16 new primary names, 13 new devices, 8 new badges, 1 new name change, 2 group devices, and 1 device change, for a total of 41 new actions. There are also 2 resubmissions, one of them a device and one a household name. This brings the total for this letter to 43 actions. A check for $164 will be sent separately.

Until next month,



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