Kolosvari Arpadne Julia

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Unto the East Kingdom College of Heralds and all others who do receive this letter, greetings from Kolosvari Arpadne Julia, Eastern Crown Herald!

This is the Letter of Decisions for the East Kingdom Internal Letter of Intent dated Nov. 17, 2006. It contains submissions received before November 10th, 2006 and has 15 numbered items, plus two amendments to the October LoD.

Many thanks to the following commenters, without whom my task would be impossible: Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Albion Herald; Ailis Linne; Brigit of Longwood, Milestone Pursuivant; Istvan; cnute; Lyle FitzWilliam, Elmet Herald; and the Sisterhood of Saint Walburga, being Alys Mackyntoich (Sinking Tower Pursuivant), Brunissende Dragonette de Broceliande (Ivy Pursuivant), Katryne Blak, Marion del Okes, Elysabeth Underhill, Mercedes de Califia, Brita Mairi Svensdottir, and Lilia de Vaux (Hartshorn-dale Pursuivant).

As usual, text in boldface is quoted from the ILoI, and my comments follow in normal type.

1 Beyond the Mountain, Barony - Resub Order Name forwarded & New Badge returned
Submitted Name: Defenders of the White Oak, Order of

(Fieldless) Atop a hurt an acorn argent.

No changes. Either the branch name or device was registered in Sep. 1973. Use of 'Defender' or 'Defenders' in an order or award name has been declared SCA-compatible (Artemisia, Kingdom of: Order of the Defenders of the Citadel, 05/03 A-Artemisia). The order name Order of the White Oak was registered to Beyond the Mountain, Barony in Apr. 1981 via Laurel. No other documentation provided. This badge is to be associated with the Order of the White Oak, registered to BBM in Apr. 1981 via Laurel.

I forgot to include the submission history for this resub on the ILoI. "Defender of the Oak" was returned in kingdom from the April 2003 ILoI, for lack of documentation and probable conflict with "Order of the Oak" (Barony of the Steppes, Jan. 1981 via Ansteorra) and "Oaken Herald" (Dec. 1983 via the Middle). This submission adds an adjective to clear these conflicts. It appears that the submitters intend to appeal to the Grandfather Clause for "of the White Oak", and to precedent for "Defenders"; commenters didn't provide any input on the question, so I'm forwarding this for Laurel's delectation.

Per current precedent, this badge must be considered as simply Azure, an acorn argent for conflict checking, because roundels are a standard shape for armorial display (Fáelán mac Cathail and Alisandre d'Ambrecourt, 05/2004 R-Ansteorra). This hence conflicts with all of the following: Tearlach na Drochaide (Sep. 1997 via Æthelmearc), (Fieldless) An acorn argent; Drei Eichen, Barony of (Oct. 1996 via Drachenwald), Azure, an acorn Or; Edana of Hawk's Hill (Jan. 1988 via the West), Azure, in bend two acorns argent; and Roger Stockton (Mar. 1990 via the East), Azure, six acorns, one, three, one, and one, argent.

2 Beyond the Mountain, Barony - New Badge forwarded

Per fess azure and vert, in canton a bezant.

Either the branch name or device was registered in Sep. 1973. This badge is to be associated with the order name Order of the Sun and Soil, which was registered to Beyond the Mountain, Barony 'at some point'.

The blazon has been changed slightly from ... a bezant in canton to the more usual blazon order of "where", then "what".

3 Beyond the Mountain, Barony - New Order Name forwarded & New Badge forwarded
Submitted Name: Companions of the Holly, Order of

(Fieldless) On a holly leaf bendwise vert an acorn bendwise argent.

No major changes. Either the branch name or device was registered in Sep. 1973. If the name must be changed, they care most about the meaning. No documentation provided.

The construction of this order name is analogous to "Order of the Companions of the Rock", which was noted as registerable in the return of the order name "Companions of the Rock" (Smoking Rocks, Barony of, 02/2005 R-East). Thus, this submission should be registerable, based on the "heraldic charge" meta-pattern of order names.

Reblazoned from (Fieldless) A holly leaf to dexter vert, on top an acorn argent.

4 Brighid mac Seáin (f) - New Name returned

No major changes. If her name must be changed, she cares most about the meaning 'Johnston - Irish Gaelic version'. No documentation provided.

The parts of this name do not match in gender. Brigit is a female saint, while Gaelic patronymic bynames like mac Seáin "son of Sean" were used literally: only a male child of a man named Sean would have this byname. The correct Gaelic byname for a daughter of Sean is inghean Sheáin. (This spelling is appropriate after circa 1200. See Mari neyn Bryan's "Index of Names in Irish Annals", http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/mari/AnnalsIndex/Masculine/Sean.shtml, which dates Seán between 1316 and 1602, and gives Seáin as the possessive form. The 'h' after the 'S' is for lenition, which is a softening of consonants that happens in some Gaelic grammatical environments, including feminine names.) Per precedent (Sorcha inghean an tSaoi, 02/06 A-An Tir), changing "mac" to "inghean" is a major change, which the submitter will not allow, so this name must be returned.

The submitter should be aware that while Brighid is registerable using the saint's name allowance (Sep. 2001 Cover Letter), it is not an authentic choice. As discussed in Academy of St. Gabriel report 1262 (http://www.s-gabriel.org/1262), "the Irish tended to avoid naming their children after the holiest saints. <Brigit> did not come into common use in Ireland until modern times."

5 Clodagh inghean Cinneide (f) - New Name returned & New Device therefore also returned

Per saltire azure and sable, in cross four quatrefoils argent.

If her name must be changed, she cares most about 'Gaelic - Ireland' language and/or culture. She requests authenticity for 13th-15th century Ireland. Clodagh: OCM p. 53 says "This is the name of a river in Tipperary (and a number of other Irish rivers) and was first given as a Christian name to the daughter of the Marquis of Waterford, after which it became popular. The Irish form of the river-name is Cloideach, the more common English form being Clodiagh. inghean: meaning 'daughter of'. Cinneide: OCM p. 49 under Cennetig has "m. 'ugly-headed, rough-headed'. In the early period, this name was found principally in the south. It was borne, among others, by Cennetig mac Gaithine, king of Laigis and famous battler against the Vikings, and by Cennetig mac Lorcain, king of Dal Cais and father of Brian Boru. It gives the modern surname O Cinneide (O Kennedy) and, as a personal name, is still in use and has been anglicized to Kennedy."

As far as commenters can tell, the daughter of the Marquis of Waterford mentioned by OCM was born in the 1870s, which means Clodagh as a personal name is well post-period and not registerable. There's one website (http://www.namenerds.com/irish/saint.html) which mentions the somewhat similar Clothach as the name of a (female) saint, but I haven't been able to corroborate this information: the Annals of the Four Masters (http://www.ucc.ie/celt/published/T100005A/text008.html) mention the name only as part of the name of the (legendary) Irish prince Cas Clothach.

The submitter allows all changes, but I can't just pick a name for her out of a hat. I am therefore reluctantly returning this name for further work. Unfortunately, this lovely device must then also be returned, for lack of a valid name to attach it to.

6 Diana Kidder - New Badge forwarded

(Fieldless) An increscent sustaining between its horns a pinecone stem to chief Or.

Her name and device (Vert, in pale an increscent and a pinecone, stem to chief, Or) were registered in April 2006 via the East.

If the pinecone is seen as a sustained charge, then this badge appears to be clear of conflict. If, however, the pinecone is considered a maintained charge, then this conflicts with Darius Coligny (Aug. 2003 via Artemisia), Plumetty sable and argent, an increscent Or, with only a single CD for the field(lessness). I don't think the pinecone is small enough to be so utterly ignored, so I'm forwarding this for Wreath's decision.

The crescent is the more significant part of the design, so this has been reblazoned from (Fieldless) A pine cone, stem to chief, within and conjoined to the horns of an increscent Or.

7 Eoin an Doire (m) - New Name forwarded

If his name must be changed, he cares most about the meaning 'an Doire = from the oak grove'. an Doire is found as a Gaelic byname meaning 'of the oak wood' in Mari Elspeth nic Bryan's "Index of Names in Irish Annals - Masculine Descriptive Bynames" ( http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/mari/AnnalsIndex/DescriptiveBynames/anDoire.shtml ), dated to 1249, 1487, 1578, and 1588. Eoin is found as the name of 58 men in Mari's Annals Index ( http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/mari/AnnalsIndex/Masculine/Eoin.shtml ), with dates ranging from 1246 to 1600 (with no noticable gaps along the way).

8 Gálmr refskegg (m) - New Name forwarded & New Device forwarded

Per fess argent and gules, a serpent nowed and a stag trippant reguardant counterchanged.

Gálmr is found in Aryanhwy's "Viking Names found in the Landnámabók," ( http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/norse/landnamabok.html ), among the names with one occurence. It's also listed as a masculine name on p. 10 of Geirr Bassi. Refskegg is a byname meaning 'fox-beard', found in Aryanhwy's "Viking Bynames found in the Landnámabók" ( http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/norse/vikbynames.html ), and on p. 26 of Geirr Bassi.

The blazon has been simplified slightly by the use of "counterchanged" in place of repeating the tinctures.

9 Johanna de Glastingburi - New Device forwarded

Per pale azure and argent, three seeblatter counterchanged.

Her name was forwarded to Laurel on the East's July 2006 XLoI.

The plural of "seeblatt" has been corrected to "seeblatter". This device is clear of Sapphira the Navigator (Feb. 1992 via the East), Per pale azure and argent, a fig leaf counterchanged, with one CD for the type of leaf and another for the number of charges. It's also clear of Annabella Debonnaire (Jun. 2006 via Lochac), Per pale azure and argent estencely azure, a seeblatt per pale argent estencely and azure, with one CD for number of leaves and another for removing the strewn charges.

10 Justin Turner - New Name forwarded

No changes. Justin is the submitter's legal first name. [No proof attached.] It's also the name of a 3rd c. French saint and of the first bishop of Tarbes, according to Dauzat p. 349. Turner is dated to around 1500 in Middlesex in Julian Goodwyn's "Brass Enscription Index" ( http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/brasses/lastnameTZ.html ). It also occurs 14 times in Julie Stampnitzky's "Surnames in Durham and Northumberland, 1521-1615" ( http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/juetta/parish/surnames.html ).

R&W p. 259 s.n. Justin lists Justinus Clericus 1175-80, Justina 1221, Justinus filius Wakerild 1229, Ralph Justyn 1327, and John Justyn 1327. The entry says that the cleric and the feminine name "suggest that Justinus was used occasionally" in England. (The name was also apparently used as a Latinization of Old Norse Iósteinn.) The 14th c. patronymics confirm that the vernacular form was Justin.

R&W p. 458 s.n. Turner has Ralph le turner 1191-2 (among others); between this and the provided 16c. documentation, it seems the submitted spelling is plausible throughout most of period.

11 Liadain ingen Fhailbe - New Name forwarded & New Device forwarded

Per bend argent and azure, a fret counterchanged.

Liadain is given as a variant spelling of Liadan on p. 122 of OCM. The entry says Liadan was the beloved of the 7th c. poet Cuirithir. Ò Failbhe is meant to be a patronymic. OCM p. 93 says Failbhe Fland, who died in 639, was an early king of Munster. There are also two early Irish saints named Failbhe.

OCM has Líadain (note accent on 'i') as an Old or Middle Irish form of Liadan, and says this was the name of one of the patron saints of the Dal Cais. Tangwystyl's "100 Most Popular Men's Names in Early Medieval Ireland" (http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/irish100.html) lists Faílbe, with the genitive form identical to the nominative. The submitted patronymic particle ò, however, is incorrect: Ó (note direction of accent) originally meant "grandson", and eventually came to be used in the sense "male descendant"; in no case is it appropriate in a woman's name. The word meaning "daughter" is ingen (early) or inghean (late), which corresponds to mac "son"; the feminine counterpart of Ó is inghean Uí (using post-1200 spelling). Putting this all together, I get Líadain ingen Fhaílbe as a pre-1200 spelling of "Liadan daughter of Failbe". (The 'h' after the 'F' is for lenition.) I'm not sure whether the given name is appropriate any later than this, and if so, how it should be spelled, so I won't speculate about any later-period forms. Judging by the submission form, the submitter desires a patronymic, so I'm not going to try my hand at a clan byname, either. The submitted Liadain ò Failbhe has therefore been corrected to Liadain ingen Fhailbe. I have chosen to leave off all the accent marks: it's the smaller change, and it'll hopefully make the submitter's life easier.

Merlyn Kuster12 Merlyn Kuster - New Device forwarded

Purpure, a unicorn and a dragon addorsed argent and in chief three fleurs-de-lys Or.

Her name was registered in Jan. 2003 via the East.

As submitted, the emblazon had some problems: the unicorn didn't have the features necessary to differentiate it from the disallowed unicornate horse (namely cloven hooves, beard, and lion's tail), and the scaly detailing on the dragon severely reduced its contrast with the field, rendering it unidentifiable. The device has been redrawn to correct these problems.

13 Muin maqq Mínaín - New Device Change forwarded

Per saltire argent semy of flames vert and vert semy of flames argent, an annulet counterchanged.

His name and badge (Argent, an acorn enflamed vert) were registered in Oct. 1997 via Atlantia. His current device (Vert, on a plate a flame issuant to chief from a bowl vert and a bordure rayonny Or) was registered in Mar. 1999 via the East. It is to be released if this device is registered.

Many commenters felt that this device is an example of excessive counterchanging. One commenter also said it might run afoul of RfS VIII.4.d., Modern Style: "Generally modern style in the depiction of individual elements or the total design may not be registered." I feel thoroughly unqualified to judge in these matters, so I'm forwarding this for Wreath's decision.

14 Pagan Graeme - New Device forwarded

Gyronny argent and sable, a heart gules between eight acorns counterchanged.

Her name was registered in June 1999 via the East.

The parenthetical "in orle" has been dropped from the blazon: the acorns are in the expected "one per gyron" arrangement (which comes closer to looking like "in annulo", anyway).

Saint Cuthbert, College of15 Saint Cuthbert, College of - Resub Device forwarded

Azure, a cross formy pierced within a laurel wreath argent.

The group's name was registered in Apr. 2006 via the East. Their original device, Azure, on a pale argent a Cuthbert cross azure, pierced argent, within a laurel wreath overall counterchanged, was returned on the July 2005 LoD (dated Dec. 2005) for style problems: wreaths are too complex to counterchange over an ordinary, and the Cuthbert cross was not documented as a period charge. This submission removes the counterchanging and changes the cross to a better-known type.

As originally submitted, the emblazon had too much room between the tips of the laurel branches; it could be better blazoned as Azure, a cross formy pierced between two laurel branches crossed in pile argent. Group arms are required to feature a laurel wreath, which is defined in precedent thus: "The branches of a laurel wreath must be conjoined at the base and be circular or nearly so." (Talmere, Shire of, 01/00 R-Meridies.) The device has been redrawn to correct this problem. The redraw was accompanied by a petition showing the group's support for this device.

16 Corwin Silvertongue - Resub Badge forwarded

(Fieldless) A wolf's head erased ululant sustaining a tankard fesswise argent.

This was item 19 on the Oct. 2006 ILoI, and was pended awaiting the submitter's approval of new artwork. Said approval having been obtained, this is now forwarded.

On the principle that it is better to repeat information than to omit it, here are the bits from the Oct. ILoI relevant to this badge: The submitter's primary name was forwarded to Laurel on the May 2006 xLoI [and has now been registered, on the Sep. 2006 LoAR]. The badge is to be associated with the resubmitted household name Whitloup Taverne [forwarded from the Oct. ILoI]. His previous household name and badge were returned from the Feb. 2006 ILoI.

17 Marguerite de Saint Nazaire - New Badge forwarded

(Fieldless) A magpie proper.

This was item 47 on the Oct. 2006 ILoI, and was pended awaiting the submitter's approval of tweaked artwork. Said approval having been obtained, this is now forwarded.

The submitter's name was registered on the Sep. 2006 LoAR. Her device, Vair, on a pale sable three escallops argent, was forwarded to Laurel from the Oct. 2006 ILoI.


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