Alys Mackyntoich

6 May 2014

Unto to the East Kingdom College of Heralds, upon the Feast of Saint John, greetings and every good thing! Here is the Letter of Decisions for the Internal Letter of Intent issued on April 2, 2014. I am experimenting with a different form of Letter of Decision, omitting the original documentation from my write-up in an effort to streamline the decision-making process. Given that we seem to be averaging forty or more submissions in a month even in non-Pennsic months, eliminating additional work when possible seems to me a good thing. Please let me know your thoughts on this format as opposed to the traditional format.

Thank you to the following commenters who provided assistance this month: Abdullah ibn Harun, Andreas von Meißen (Rowel), Aria Gemina Mala, Arwyn of Leicester, Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Schwarzdrachen), Brigida von München (Saker), Brunissende Dragonette (Hyrondelle), Caoimhin McKee (Sanglier Rouge), Eirik Halfdanarson, Eldrich Gaiman, Gawain of Miskbridge (Green Anchor), Grímólfr Skúlason, Gunnvor silfraharr (Orle), Isabella Delfino (Opal), Jeanne de Robin, Juetta Copin, Martyn de Halliwell, Matilda Wynter, Roderick Zweistern, Rohese de Dinan (Shadowdale), and Yehuda ben Moshe (Elmet). Your commentary makes my job so very much easier.

Particular thanks are in order this month for Istvan Non Scripta and Marie Honnesteté Plus Que Tout for helping me grapple with the always thorny Forced Move Rule.

Always your servant,
Alys Mackyntoich
Blue Tyger Herald

1: Æsa Sturludottir - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Sable, three suns Or eclipsed gules

Submitted as Æsa Lokabrenna Sturladottir, no evidence was found supporting the use of Lokabrenna as a name element. Further, it is questionable whether this term, purportedly the Scandinavian name of the star Sirius, is a period term. With the submitter's permission, this element has been dropped. In addition, the patronymic has been corrected to Sturludottir to match Old Norse grammar.

2: An Dubhaigeainn, Barony of - New Order Name Forwarded

Order of Sylvanus

3: Archers Ford, Shire of - New Branch Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Azure, a fess checky Or and gules between two sheaves of arrows and a laurel wreath Or

4: Cróebnat Fholtchaín - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Argent, a chevron per chevron sable and vert between two crows sable and a tree eradicated proper

5: Elizabeth of Arundel - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Azure, a fox sejant contourny Or and on a chief ermine three apples gules

The Lingua Anglica of Arundel can also be based on Reaney & Wilson sn. Arundale, etc., which has John de Arundel dated to 1198, and Roger de Arundel 1225.

I have corrected the blazon to indicate that the fox is sejant as in the emblazon, not sejant erect as mistakenly typed into OSCAR.

6: Estefania del Bosque - New Name Forwarded and New Device Returned

Quarterly gules and argent, in bend two maple leaves Or

No documentation was provided by the submitter for the byname. Fortunately, I was able to find documentation for all of the elements in late period Spain in the Family Search Historical Records:

Estefania De La Trinidad; Female; Marriage; 27 Oct 1597; Diocesis De Granada, Granada, Spain; Batch: M79100-9
Estefania Roda; Female; Christening; 06 Jan 1581; San Andrés, Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain; Batch: C87100-1

Francisco Del Bosque; Male; Marriage; 25 Jan 1585; Santa Cruz, Medina De Rioseco, Valladolid, Spain; Batch: M87262-2
Unfortunately, this lovely device must be returned due to conflict with the device of Deirdre de Iuei (March 2008, East): Quarterly gules and argent, in bend sinister two ivy leaves vert. There is a DC for the change in tincture of the leaves, but that is the only DC. By precedent, there is no DC between ivy leaves and maple leaves [Queniva fitz Reginald, August 2010, R-Drachenwald]. SENA A5G6 says "Changes in tincture ... of a charge group can force the charges into different positions on the field. These forced changes are also not worth a distinct change." In discussing an example of the forced move rule, SENA then explains: "Even though the relative arrangements are different, the [charges] in the second design cannot be in the same arrangement as in the first design." Since the leaves in either device cannot be in the same arrangement as the leaves in the other design, because they have insufficient contrast with that part of the field, the change of position of the leaves is forced and is not worth a DC. That is to say, the leaves in Deirdre's device cannot be in bend like Estafania's and the leaves in Estafania's device cannot be in bend like Deirdre's, therefore there is no DC for their positions.

This device does not conflict with the device of Katarina Henriksdotter (July 2008, Drachenwald): Per saltire Or and vert, two oak leaves Or, as there is a DC for the change of the field and a DC for the change in type of leaf by precedent. [Queniva fitz Reginald, August 2010, R-Drachenwald] The device is also likely clear of the device of Elisabeth von Regensberg (July 2003, Lochac): Per pale and per fess indented azure and ermine, two seeblatter in bend Or; there is one DC for the field and likely a DC for the difference between a maple leaf and a seeblatt.

7: Everard de l'Est - New Device Forwarded

Vert, a winged sword inverted argent and an orle ermine

Commenters suggested that the ermine spots could be drawn more clearly. I believe that this warrants an artist's note, rather than a redrawing, and I am forwarding the device unchanged.

8: Genovefa Clerica - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Per fess engrailed argent and azure, a seahorse counterchanged

9: Genovefa Clerica - New Badge Returned

Azure, a seahorse argent

Unfortunately, this badge must be returned for multiple conflicts. It conflicts with the armory of Eilonwy Andereth (April 2001, Middle): Azure, a unicornate sea-horse erect reguardant argent; even if there is a DC between a unicornate sea-horse and a sea-horse, it is the only one. The badge also conflicts with Diana of the Isles (April 1976): Azure, a sea-horse argent between three crescents Or, with only a single DC for removal of the secondary crescents, and with Rowan of Windtree Tower (July 1984, Middle): Per saltire sable and vert, a sea-horse erect argent, as there is only a single DC for the field.

10: Giomar Alicia Marquez de Valencia - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Argent, on a pale azure between four fleurs-de-lys sable three cinquefoils argent

11: Grímólfr Skúlason - New Household Name Forwarded and New Badge Withdrawn

Spak-Hrafns hús

Gules, a valknut Or within four drinking horns in annulo argent

Submitted as Spak-Hrafn hus, Spak-Hrafn needs to be put into the genitive to match the documentation for the naming pattern. The submitted also requested the addition of the accent in hús. Therefore, I have changed the name to Spak-Hrafns hús.

The household badge was withdrawn by the submitter during commentary.

12: Gunnmarr Úlfsson - New Name Forwarded and New Device Withdrawn

Argent, a wolf rampant between three valknuts sable

The submitter cited the Viking Answer Lady's webpage in support of the given name. Gunnvor Orle, the Viking Answer Lady, noted that she found Gunnmarr in Lena Peterson's Nordiskt runnamnslexikon.

The submitter withdrew his device during commentary.

13: Kára Grímsdóttir - New Name Forwarded

14: Leifr Skáldason - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Vert, an open book and on a chief argent an axe gules

Initially, the blazon specifically stated that the axe was fesswise. Commenters pointed out that long, skinny charges on the chief are fesswise by default. I have removed that term from the blazon.

15: Mæva Refsdóttir - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Per pale vert and Or, two foxes combatant counterchanged and on a chief indented sable three tankards argent

The blazon accidentally omitted that the chief is indented. I have added that to the blazon.

16: Magnus Thorfinnsson - New Name Forwarded

17: Maria Elena Reynosa - New Name Forwarded

18: Marion MacKinnon - Resub Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) In saltire a feather argent and a key sable

19: Marjorie Parmentar - New Device Forwarded

Vert, in saltire two needles threaded argent and on a chief invected Or three crosses bottony vert

At Eldrich Gaiman's suggestion, I have simplified the blazon.

20: Meave Squirel le Taverner - New Name Forwarded and New Device Returned

Vair, a two-headed squirrel rampant maintaining an acorn vert

Unfortunately, this device must be returned because it conflicts with the armory of Peregrine Fairchylde (May 2001, Meridies): Vair, a squirrel rampant gules. There is only a single DC for the tincture of the squirrel; no difference is granted for adding a second head. [Robert of Wolford, 4/2011 LoAR, R-An Tir].

21: Muirenn Bán - New Name Forwarded and New Device Returned

Per pall inverted azure, sable and argent, two triskeles argent and one triskele azure

Unfortunately, this device must be returned for conflict with the armory of Eleonora Pragensis (Feb. 2014, A-Atlantia): Per pall vert, Or, and argent, three triskeles argent, purpure, and azure. There is one DC for the field. The tincture of only one of the triskeles is changed; as it is not the bottom-most of the three, there is no DC for this change. This device may also conflict with the device of Talan map Gueiluirth (Feb. 2014, East): Per chevron argent and azure, three triskelions of spirals counterchanged. While there is one DC for the field, it is unclear whether there is a DC for the difference between a triskelion and a triskelion of spirals.

22: Nemania filia Huweli - Resub Name Forwarded and Resub Device Forwarded

Per pale vert and sable, a greyhound sejant affronty argent and in chief two oak leaves Or

23: Oissíne Cú mac Ciarmaicc - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Argent, a fess raguly azure between a ship sable and a wolf statant gules

24: Osmond de Berwic - New Household Name Forwarded and New Badge Forwarded

House de Berwic

Per pale wavy gules and Or, a bear salient Or and a tower azure

Commenters were not able to find any evidence directly supporting de Berwic rather than of Berwic, but I am hopeful that Society commentary will be more fruitful.

25: Raffaella Mascolo - New Alternate Name Forwarded

Joysy Divill

26: Raffaella Mascolo - Resub Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) A crescent gules conjoined to and sustaining a fishhook in base sable

I made some edits to the blazon to clarify the relative position of the charges and to use the standard spelling fishhook found in other blazons. If the fishhook is considered maintained, then this badge would conflict with the badge of Saher de Wahull (May 2006, Caid): (Fieldless) A crescent gules. However, based on the relative visual weight of the two charges, I find that the fishhook is a sustained secondary that counts for conflicts checks. [Feb. 2012 Cover Letter]. Read this way, there are no conflicts.

27: Remy le Bastard - New Name Forwarded

The documentation did not give specific dates for the byname. Commenters were able to fill in the blanks. le bastard appears as a description in La Chronique des roys de France, puis Pharamond jusques au roy Henry, second du nom, selon la computation des ans, jusques en l'an mil cinq cens quarante et neuf, published in 1550. (http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k6386690g/f159.image). In addition, Remy appears as a saint's name and le Bastard as a description at p. 146 of the Chronique of Enguerrand de Monstrelet published in 1595. (http://books.google.com/books?id=tLFBAx3Hh0MC&dq=Remy%20%22le%20bastard%22&hl=fr&pg=RA3-PA146-IA1#v=onepage&q=Remy%20%22le%20bastard%22&f=false).

28: Robin atte Longewode - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Or, a fess sable between six martlets vert

29: Sewolt Belßner - New Name Forwarded

30: Sitt al-Gharb ha-nigret Khazariyya - Resub Device Forwarded

Quarterly argent and purpure, a winged monkey segreant Or and on a chief embattled sable three crescents Or

The submitter's name was registered on the November 2013 LoAR.

31: Vettorio Antonello - New Device Forwarded

Per pale sable and bendy sinister Or and gules, a raven counterchanged

The submitter's name appears on the May 2014 xLoI. Commenters questioned whether this design violates the contrast requirements of SENA. In 2000, the device of Randwulf aet Blacwulveslea, Per pale checky argent and vert and sable, a wolf rampant counterchanged, was returned for lack of contrast under the RfS. [Randwulf aet Blacwulveslea, 10/00, R-Trimaris]. Like Vettorio's device, Randwulf's contained both a field and a charge each divided so that half was a solid color and half was evenly divided between color and metal, creating armory with a charge that was 75% color and a field that was 75% color. The October 2000 Cover Letter explained this decision based on a consideration of period armory. However, we have learned a great deal more about period armory than we knew in October 2000. Therefore, I am forwarding this device for consideration by Wreath based on the College's current knowlege of period armorial practices.

32: Violet Hughes - New Name Forwarded

33: Yehuda ben Moshe - New Blanket Permission to Conflict Forwarded

(Fieldless) A sheaf of straight trumpets Or

34: Yehuda ben Moshe - New Blanket Permission to Conflict Forwarded

Leone di Moise

35: Yehuda ben Moshe - New Blanket Permission to Conflict Forwarded

Per bend sinister sable and argent, a spur rowel Or and two smith's hammers in saltire proper

36: Yehuda ben Moshe - New Blanket Permission to Conflict Forwarded

Per bend sinister sable and argent, two lions counterchanged

37: Yehuda ben Moshe - New Blanket Permission to Conflict Forwarded

Yehuda ben Moshe

38: Yehuda ben Moshe - New Heraldic Will Forwarded

Nunc est bibiendum