Alys Mackyntoich

6 October 2014

Unto the East Kingdom College of Heralds, upon the Feast of Saint Bruno, greetings and every good thing! Here is the Letter of Decisions for the Internal Letter of Intent issued on August 29, 2014. I am omitting the original documentation from my write-up in an effort to streamline the decision-making process.

Many thanks to the following commenters who provided assistance this month: Aifric Ni Fhaolain, Aria Gemina Mala, Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Schwarzdrachen), Beatrice Domenici della Campana, Caoimhin McKee (Sanglier Rouge), Charitye Dale (Diademe), Christian at Hilsonger, Conall an Doire, Donovan Shinnock (Golden Rapier), Eldrich Gaiman, Eleazar ha-Levi, Etienne Le Mons (Vexillum), ffride wlffsdotter (Goutte d'Eau), Francesco Gaetano Greco d'Edessa, (Seahorse), Gawain of Miskbridge (Green Anchor), Gunnvor silfraharr (Orle), Jeanne de Robin, Maridonna Benvenuti, Matilda Wynter, Muirenn ingen Dunadaig, Rohese de Dinan (Shadowdale), Rosina von Schauffhausen, Ryan McWhyte (Brigantia), Seraphina Delfino, Simeon ben Iucef de Alcacar, Solveig Throndardottir, Tanczos Istvan (Non Scripta), Thory Vedardottir, Togashi Kiho, Vettorio Antonello, Violet Hughes and Yehuda ben Moshe (Elmet). Your insights and advice are always appreciated. I would also like to thank Yehuda ben Moshe for assisting in writing up the decisions this month.

Always your servant,
Alys Mackyntoich
Blue Tyger Herald

1: Abel atte Watere - New Name Forwarded and New Device Pended for Redraw

Argent, a gurges azure and overall a sheaf of arrows vert

The standard depiction of a gurges continues out beyond the borders of the shield shape. This gurges ends prematurely, leaving large white corners. As this problem affects its registerability, Blue Tyger is arranging for it to be redrawn to correctly depict a gurges.

2: Ailionora inghean Ronain - New Alternate Name Forwarded

Julienne Bonenfant

3: Aine Oliphant - New Blanket Permission to Conflict Forwarded

4: Aine Oliphant - New Blanket Permission to Conflict Forwarded

5: Anastasia da Monte - New Household Name

Handsome Boys

In this household name, Boys is intended as the designator. Beyond what was supplied in the ILoI, additional evidence was provided in commentary for use of the term "Roaring Boys" for a group of people in the Shakespearean era. All in all, sufficient documentation was presented to warrant sending this household name on for further commentary.

6: Anne Devyn - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Per bend azure and vert, on a swan rousant wings addorsed argent a quatrefoil slipped vert

7: Arielle de La Champagne - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Azure, on a pale argent a lion rampant azure, a chief potenty Or

Commenters identified a possible conflict with Arielle de Champeyneys (Jan. 1993, Caid), but that name was changed in 1996, and since it is not specifically listed as retained, the default is to assume it was released.

8: Bergental, Barony of - New Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) A bear's head erased contourny sable

The blazon has been corrected to eliminate the extraneous "black."

9: Bergental, Barony of - New Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) A mazer bendwise sinister Or streaming water azure

Early precedent indicates that there is not a DC between a chalice and a mazer:

[Returning (Fieldless) A mazer argent.] This conflicts with Kathleen Erin-go-burne-the-Bragh (Vert, a chalice argent containing flames Or). as cited on the LoI. There is certainly one CD for fieldlessness, but the flames are not large enough to be count for difference. [Fearghus Slànaighear. September 1998, R-An Tir]
Istvan Non Scripta suggested in commentary that, given the visual difference between a chalice and a mazer, this precedent is worth revisiting. If there is a DC between a goblet (which has a handle) and a mazer (which does not), then this badge would be clear of Shereen al-Maghrebiyya (Sept. 2002, Caid): Sable chausse, a goblet bendwise sinister Or.

Commenters were concerned about the identifiability and blazonability of the water pouring from the mazer. I feel this issue is worth a wide commentary at Society level.

10: Bergental, Barony of - New Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) An hourglass per fess Or and sable

11: Bergental, Barony of - New Badge Forwarded

Sable, a bee skep between in bend two bees fesswise contourny Or

12: Cacht Mhór inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh - New Device Forwarded

Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a bend sinister Or between a unicorn's head erased argent and three mullets Or

13: Cacht Mhór inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh - New Household Name Forwarded and New Badge Forwarded

Maison d'Oriflamme

Gules, a joscelyn Or and a bordure compony gules and Or

Commenters suggested a possible conflict with La Maison des Orphelins, registered to Renée de la Pommeraie (June 1995, Atenveldt). I find these clear under SENA PN.3.C.1, Changes to Two Syllables. While the first syllable Or- is identical, the other two syllables are different: Or-fel-in vs. Or-i-flam.

Precedent permits the registration of bordures compony that share a tincture with the field. [Johann Lederer, November 2007, A-East].

14: Caoilfhionn inghean Lochlainn - New Device Change Pended for Redraw

Purpure, an owl argent and a dexter gore ermine

Old Item: Per chevron azure and vert, two owls affronty and a harp argent, to be released

This device is clear of the armory of Lalage la Peregrina (Aug. 1993, East): Purpure, a falcon argent and a chief ermine. There is one DC for changing from a chief to a gore. We have long granted a DC (formerly CD) for the difference between owls and raptors in the close position: "... there is another CD for changing the type of bird from an owl close to a falcon close." [Falco de Jablonec, 06/2002, A-Drachenwald; see also Aleydis van Vilvoorden, 10/2008, A-Drachenwald]. Thus, the necessary second DC is provided by the difference between an owl and a falcon.

Commenters uniformly found the ermine spots to be unidentifiable. As this affects the registerability of the device, Blue Tyger will arrange for a redraw to depict more traditional ermine spots.

15: Caoilfhionn inghean Lochlainn - New Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) In fess a sun Or between two foxes combattant proper, all conjoined

I have clarified the blazon to show that the charges are co-primaries.

16: Cedric Campbell - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Azure, an egg argent, overall a pall erminois

17: Christiana Crane - Resub Badge Forwarded

Sable, a martlet and a bordure argent

The thin bordure is consistent with the size of bordures found in period armory, particularly German armory.

This badge appears clear of the armory of Branwyn Whiteraven (Apr. 1987, Middle): Sable, a raven close and on a bordure argent, six roses, barbed and seeded, proper. There is one DC for eliminating the roses. There is likely to be a second DC between a raven and an a martlet. By precedent, there is a DC between a martlet and a falcon, [Insula Draconis, Principality of, 12/2011, A-Drachenwald], and falcons and ravens share the same basic shape.

This badge also should be clear of the armory of James MacChluarain (Jan. 1973): Sable, an owl argent. There is one DC for adding the bordure. Although commenters could not find a precedent specifically addressing whether there is a DC between an owl and a martlet, the two charges seem sufficiently different in appearance that there should be a DC between them. Therefore, I am forwarding this badge for a ruling on the issue by Wreath.

18: Clarice della Luna - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Azure, a hound statant guardant Or and in chief three decrescents argent

19: Colin MacKenzie - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Per bend azure and vert, a flame proper and a pair of compasses argent

Originally blazoned as an "engineer's compass," we have traditionally blazoned this charge as simply a compass or a pair of compasses. I have changed the blazon accordingly.

20: Conall Ó Suibhne - New Name Change Forwarded

Old Item: Conall mac Taichlich, to be released

21: Dougall Cameron - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Or, a slow match azure and in chief five gunstones

22: Eris Kerr - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Per pale vert and sable, a griffin segreant erminois within a bordure Or

Submitted as a "griphin segreant," I have changed the spelling to the more traditional "griffin."

23: Etheldreda Ivelchyld - New Name Change Forwarded

Old Item: Anthea Maecenas, to be released

Given that i and y are effectively interchangeable in Middle and Early Modern English, the documented Ivelchild supports the submitted spelling of the byname.

24: Fiadhnait inghean Chiarag´in - New Device Change Forwarded

Per pale sable and azure, a tree eradicated between two gouttes argent

Commenters were concerned that the gouttes as drawn were closer to being maintained by the tree than independent charges. If the gouttes are maintained, then this device has multiple conflicts, including the armory of Ioseph of Locksley, the Rhymer (Jan 1973): Vert, a tree eradicated argent. I think that the gouttes are sufficiently large and distinct from the tree to be independent secondary charges countable for conflicts purposes, and on that basis I am forwarding this device.

25: Gæira Aggadóttir - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Argent, a calamarie gules within a bordure gules platy

ffride Goutte d'Eau noted in commentary that Gæira appears in Nordiskt runnamnslexikon by Lena Peterson (http://www.sprakochfolkminnen.se/om-oss/arkiv-och-samlingar/nordiskt-runnamnslexikon.html) sn. GæiRa p. 82.

26: Gæira Aggadóttir - New Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) A calamarie bendwise sinister argent

27: Giancarlo Soranzo da Venezia - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Argent, on a chevron engrailed between three boar's heads couped sable a plate

Additional documentation for the given name was provided by Maridonna Benvenuti, who found Giancarlo as a given name in the Il Quarto Libro De Lettere Di M. Pietro Aretino (http://books.google.com/books?id=Zf47AAAAcAAJ&pg=PT322&dq=Giancarlo&hl=en&sa=X&ei=mrEMVLjSBs-lyAS1toCADQ&ved=0CE0Q6AEwBDgK#v=onepage&q=Giancarlo&f=false), dated 1550.

28: Giancarlo Soranzo da Venezia - New Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) On a boar's head couped sable a plate

29: Katheryn Fontayne - New Name Change Forwarded and New Badge Forwarded

Gules semy of roses, a panther rampant argent spotted of various tinctures and insenced proper

30: Krishtof Vasilii syn Daroslav - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Or, a manticore passant guardant contourny and on a chief sable the sun in his splendor Or

ffride Goutte d'Eau provided additional documentation to close the temporal gap between Vasilii and the other name elements. Wickenden sn. Bokii has: "Vasilii Ivanovich Bokei" dated to 1568; Wickenden s.n. Kolosov has "Vasilii Ivanov syn Kolosov" dated to 1539.

I have changed the blazon to indicate that the manticore is emblazoned as guardant.

31: Mærwynn in danska - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Sable, a lion passant, on a bordure argent an ivy vine vert

32: Malys MacGregor - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Sable, a tree blasted within a bordure argent gouty de sang

This device appears clear of the armory of Sarra atte Elmes (Sept. 1994, West): Sable, a tree argent within a bordure argent, semy of Catherine wheels sable. There is one DC for change of type of tertiary, and a second DC for the change of tincture of tertiary.

33: Marjorie de Catesby - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Vert, a peacock close to sinister, on a chief argent an estoile vert

Commentary was divided on the identifiability of the peacock. I find it to be as identifiable as a peacock close reasonably could be. I am forwarding this device for the benefit of additional commentary.

34: Matheus Carnifex - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Or, a tortoise tergiant bendwise sinister vert, the shaft of an arrow issuant from its back sable, and on a chief vert three axes bendwise sinister Or

In period, the term "turtle" referred to a bird, rather than the reptile. [Michel von Schönsee, 2/2008 LoAR, A-Atlantia]. I therefore have changed the blazon to use the period term "tortoise."

35: Michal Almond de Champagne - New Badge Pended for Redraw

Sable, in pale a balance and a foi argent

As originally submitted, this badge used a standing balance, a charge that is now prohibited by precedent. [Giovanni Loredan, A-Calontir, Nov 2012 LoAR] The device is being redrawn with the submitter's permission to use a hanging balance, which is a period charge.

This badge is clear of the device of Sheldon the Just (May 1989, East): Sable, a set of standing balances and in base an Arabian lamp argent. In Sheldon's device, the balances are the primary charge and the lamp is a smaller secondary. In this badge, the balance and the foi are co-primary charges. Thus, they are clear under SENA A.5.E.3, Change of Number of the Primary Charge Group.

36: Staeina Knittur - New Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) Four double-pointed knitting needles fretted purpure

The majority of commenters concluded that this badge does not conflict with the badge of the Midrealm's Order of the Purple Fret: Or, a fret purpure.

37: Sunnifa fra Bergstopt - New Name Forwarded

38: Svana fra Bergstopt - New Name Forwarded

39: Timothy Nicholls - New Name Change Forwarded

Old Item: Timothy Nicholls of Clan McQueen, to be released.

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