Alys Mackyntoich

7 April 2015

Unto the East Kingdom College of Heralds, upon the Feast of Saint Finian, greetings and every good thing! This is the Letter of Decisions for the Internal Letter of Intent issued on March 3, 2015.

Many thanks to the following commenters who provided assistance this month: Andreas von Meißen (Rowel), Caoimhin McKee (Sanglier Rouge), Donovan Shinnock (Golden Rapier), ffride wlffsdotter, Gawain of Miskbridge (Green Anchor), Maridonna Benvenuti, Matilda Wynter, Michael Gerard Curtememoire, Muirenn ingen Dúnadaig, Rohese de Dinan (Shadowdale), Ryan McWhyte (Brigantia), Song Zidie (Skraeling Althing), Tanczos Istvan (Non Scripta), Vettorio Antonello and Yehuda ben Moshe (Elmet). Your efforts and insight are greatly appreciated.

I am pleased to announce that the June 2015 ILoI will be my last one as Blue Tyger Herald. After a little over three years in the office, I will be retiring. Lord Yehuda ben Moshe will be taking over as Blue Tyger. Please be at least as helpful to him as you have been to me, if not moreso. :-)

Always your servant,
Alys Mackyntoich
Blue Tyger Herald

1: Cordelia MacDougall - New Device Forwarded

Per chevron vert and Or, three pheons counterchanged

2: Drake Oranwood - New Name Change Forwarded

Old Item: Eric Drake Oranwood, to be released.

3: Gæira Aggadóttir - New Badge Forwarded

(Fieldless) A calamarie bendwise sinister gules

4: Griselda Ionson - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Purpure, a capital letter Z and in base an anchor bendwise argent

In keeping with standard College of Arms practice, I have changed the blazon to note that the Z is capital and to omit specific blazoning of the calligraphic hand. Thanks to Vettorio Antonello for confirming that the Z is in a period hand.

5: Jessa de Hunteleghe - New Name Change Forwarded

Old Item: Jesca de Hunteleghe, to be released.

6: John Radburne - New Name Forwarded and New Device Returned

Azure, a decrescent conjoined to the points of three piles inverted in point Or

The piles in this device are not properly rendered. By long-standing precedent, "piles are throughout, or nearly so ..." [Ronan Geirsson, January 2011, R-Artemisia; Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, LoAR August 1992, p. 31]. These piles stop far short of being throughout. There is no evidence in period heraldic practice for piles issuing from a charge in chief as in this submission. Therefore, the device must be returned.

7: Kathrine Du Pré of Coldwood - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Per bend sinister azure and argent, a tree blasted and eradicated and in canton an mullet of four points, a bordure embattled counterchanged.

I have simplified the blazon of the device as suggested by Istvan Non Scripta.

8: Kenric æt Essexe - New Name Change Forwarded

Old Item: Kenric Burn of Northampton, to be retained as an alternate name.

9: Logan Skrymshire - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Per fess Or and sable, a bear passant and a bee counterchanged

10: Mikkel Bildr - New Name Forwarded and New Device Returned

Sable, a drakkar masted of a mannaz rune within an annulet argent

The name as originally documented improperly combined a 16th century name element with an Old Norse name element, more than 500 years apart, contrary to SENA PN.2.C.2. Many thanks to ffride wlffsdotter for re-documenting the name in a registerable form, with the only change necessary being the removal of the acute accent over the i in bildr.

Svenskt Diplomatariums huvudkartotek over medeltidsbreven dates the given name Mikkel in Swedish to 1418 (http://sok.riksarkivet.se/SDHK?EndastDigitaliserat=false&SDHK=19175). Lind's Persobinamn and Tilnavne i den islandske oldlitteratur by Finnur Jónsson (http://heimskringla.no/wiki/Tilnavne_h%C3%A6ntede_fra_rustning,_kl%C3%A6dedragt_og_prydelser) mention a Sigurþr bildr in the Heimskringla (in Saga Ólafs Tryggvasonar to be even more precise), which allows us to date the descriptive byname ca. 950 CE. Swedish and Old Norse are part of the same Regional Naming Group in Appendix C. As the two elements are now within 500 years of each other, the name is registerable as re-documented.

The original blazon for the device mis-identified the annulet as an orle. An orle, like a bordure, follows the edge of the shield. This device must be returned, however, for confilct with the device of Runa Ragnarsdóttir (September 1997, Caid): Sable, a drakkar argent. There is only a single DC for the addition of the annulet.

11: Sybill Teller - New Device Forwarded

Ermine, three dogs passant gules

12: Thomas de Marr - Resub Device Forwarded

Quarterly sable and vert, a dragon passant Or and in chief two crosses of Santiago argent all within an orle Or

I have clarified the blazon as suggested by Istvan Non Scripta

13: Wulfram Engelenbach - New Name Forwarded and New Device Pended for Redrawing

Vert, a wolf rampant argent between three Thor's hammers Or

Commenters noted that the Thor's hammers are not properly rendered -- the heads are too small. With the submitter's permission, this device has been pended for redrawing to render the Thor's hammers correctly.

Nunc est bibiendum