Yehuda ben Moshe

18 July 2015

Unto the East Kingdom College of Heralds, upon the 3rd of Av, 5775, greetings! Here is the Letter of Decisions for the Internal Letter of Intent issued on June 1, 2015.

Many thanks to the following commenters who provided assistance this month: Alys Ogress, Andreas Lucernensis, Arwyn of Leicester, Charitye Diademe Eleazar ha-Levi, ffride wiffsdotter, Galefridus Peregrinus, Gawain Green Anchor, Grímólfr White Oak, Martyn Elmet, Matilda Wynter, Maridonna Benvenuti, Ryan Brigantia, Sisuile Butler, and Vettorio Antonello. Your commentary and insights are always greatly appreciated.

In Service,
Yehuda ben Moshe
Blue Tyger Herald

1: Brennan MacFergus - New Alternate Name Forwarded

Otey Pankie

2: Brynhildr Ansvarsdottir - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Per fess Or and purpure, a lion counterchanged

3: Fearghus mac Uilliam - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Per pall argent, azure and vert, three Latin crosses azure, argent and argent

This device is clear of Áengus Ó Fearghail, A-Atlantia, June 2000 LoAR: "Per pall argent, sable, and gules, a cross crosslet sable and two crosses crosslet Or" by substantial change (SC) of type of primary charge. As per Appendix M of SENA, latinate crosses and crosses crosslet are in different families and thus have an SC between them.

4: Gabrielle an Doire - New Name Forwarded

5: Jacob Fisher - New Device Forwarded

Azure, a sea lion erect and on a chief argent a rapier vert

This device is clear of Fiora d'Artusio, A-Æthelmearc, Nov 2013 LoAR: "Azure, a sea-lion and on a chief argent two open books azure" with one DC for change of number of tertiary chargestertiary charges, a second DC for change of tincture of tertiaries, and a third DC for change of type of tertiary charges.

This device is also clear of Colin de Wyndmere, Aug 1978 LoAR: "Azure, a sea lion erect and a chief nebuly argent" with one DC for change of type of secondary charge (nebuly vs. plain chief), and one DC for adding/removing a tertiary charge group.

6: Leon Cristo del Camino - New Name Forwarded and New Device Forwarded

Sable, a bend wavy Or between two Maltese crosses argent

The submission documented the byname "de Camino". In commentary, Diademe was able to document the submitted "del Camino" from the FamilySearch records.

This device is clear of Matthias of Kirkwall, A-Ansteorra, Dec 2014 LoAR: "Sable, a bend wavy between two double-bitted battle axes Or" with one DC for the change of type of the secondary charges and a second DC for change of tincture of the secondary charges.

7: Lucie Lovegood of Ramisgate - Resub Device Forwarded

Per bend sinister azure and vert, a stag springing within a bordure argent

This device is probably clear of Liesel von Blauen Donau, A-West, June 1982 LoAR: "Azure, a winged stag springing argent, winged, attired and unguled Or, within a bordure argent" with one DC for the change of tincture of half of the field, and most likely a second DC for the removal of the wings, provided the wings are sufficiently large to support a DC. This is a decision best left to Wreath.

8: Magnus Grimcroft - New Name Forwarded

9: Odam an Doire - New Name Forwarded

The documentation supplied by the submitter documents "Odam" as a byname, and relies on the September 2012 Cover Letter to treat a surname as a given name. The Cover Letter, however, limits this to English surnames from the 16th Century, while the submission documents this element to prior than the 16th Century.

Fortunately, Alys Ogress was able to redocument the surname from the FamilySearch records as appearing in the 16C.

10: Sarra an Doire - Resub Device Forwarded

Per fess sable and gules, an owl displayed and in chief three crescents within a bordure argent

The reason for the original return has been resolved.

11: Sitt al-Gharb ha-niqret Khazariyya - New Alternate Name Forwarded

Hrefna Spákona

12: Sorcha an Doire - New Name Forwarded

The name appears to be clear of Sarra an Doire, A-East, Dec 2014. The name also appears to be clear of Sorcha Dhocair, A-East, Dec 2013.

13: Vasia von Königsberg - New Name Change Forwarded

Old Item: Nicolai Wegener, to be released.

The submitter made the claim that "the superscript 'e' is an early printer's method of rendering umlauts" and therefore the documented "Koenigsberg" supports the submitted "Königsberg". This claim was supported by documentation provided by ffride wlffsdotter. Additionally, Elmet documented the submitted byname in the FamilySearch records.

14: Wulfgang Gruenwald - New Alternate Name Forwarded

Beelzebub Hotfoot

In commentary, Galefridus Peregrinus documented this spelling of the given name from multiple 16C English bibles.

Commenters expressed great concern that this name is either offensive, due to its religious associations, or presumptuous, due to a claim to powers/identity with a supernatural entity. Questions of offense are reserved for Pelican and Laurel, and we feel that this question of presumption is likewise best addressed by Pelican after wider commentary. Therefore, we are forwarding this name.

Nunc est bibiendum