May 7, 1999

Greetings and Commendations unto the Heralds and Pursuivants of the East Kingdom from Lyle FitzWilliam, Eastern Crown Herald

This is the Letter of Report (LOR) on Internal Letter of Intent (ILOI) number 1999-01. Accepted submissions listed in this letter will be sent to Blue Tyger, to be included in an External Letter of Intent (XLOI).

1. Ęthelwulf Stealcere - new badge accepted

(Fieldless) On a fireball argent flamed proper, a theow's head gules.

The submitter may want to draw the theow's head as couped, rather than issuant from the inner edge of the ball.

2. Ęthelwulf Stealcere - new household name returned

We cannot support a household name formed directly from a verb.

3. Aurelia da Calabria - new name accepted & new device returned

Azure, a bagwyn rampant and on a chief enarched argent, three crosses formy gules.

Name accepted, but modified to "Aurelia da Calabria", to match Italian formation of locative "of Calabria". Form allows changes for language and/or culture, although it does not specify which name and culture. I am assuming Italian because of original name form.

Note that we cannot support any form of "Aurelia" as an Italian name, and that Withycombe only supports it in English to the 17th century, "probably directly from the Latin." I am hoping that the College of Arms can find better support for the name.

Device returned for redraw -- the drawing of the primary charge does not match the description of a bagwyn, and I have verified that the submitter wants a bagwyn, not the creature depicted.

4. Baildrin MacEinri - new name & device accepted

Per pale indented azure and gules, a lion passant and on a chief argent, 3 roses gules.

Name accepted, with the hope that the College of Arms will find the genealogy documentation provided sufficient.

There was some concern that the low contrast divided field would be obscured by the primary charge, but I think I need to defer to Laurel's judgment on this. A note will be included in the letter to the submitter that the charges should be redrawn in a period manner.

5. Caroline Rosecrossing - new name returned

No support has been found by the commenters for a name of the form "Rosecrossing" in English. There earliest citation in the OED for "crossing" meaning an intersection dates from the very late 17th century. Other forms of "Rose-" surnames will be suggested to the submitter.

6. Deonysia Crowell - new name & device accepted

Sable, between two narwhals haurient respectant, horns crossed in saltire, a triquetra argent.

The triquetra is too small to be considered the primary charge in this device. Clear of Sven Hairy Beermaker (Sep 92), Sable, between two narwhales haurient respectant, horns crossed in saltire argent, a compass star, and in chief two more Or. There are three CDs for the difference in the secondary charges: type, number, and tincture. There was some concern about the style of placing a charge between two respectant creatures, combined with the unusual nature of the narwhals, but I did not think that that was significant enough for a return.

7. Elsa de Lyon - resub device accepted

Azure, a lion's gambe erased bendwise shackled and chained with a broken chain within a bordure argent.

This gambe is being redrawn so that it is more clearly bendwise.

The bordure is drawn narrowly, but by itself that would not be sufficient reason for return.

Several commenters noted the allusions to "Born Free". I will leave any decision regarding those allusions to Laurel when this device is resubmitted (no comment was made to those allusions in the device return of Jan 1996, although it was noted in the name acceptance).

8. Katarina la Juste - new device accepted

Or, a swallowtail butterfly within a bordure azure.

Clear of conflict with Constance von Messer, Argent, a butterfly azure, by field tincture and addition of a secondary charge. Clear of conflict with Allanda of Warwick, Or, a butterfly within six roses in annulo azure, by type and number of secondary charges. The submitter needs to draw the butterfly more carefully, so that it is more clearly a swallowtail butterfly.

9. Ingvar Thorsteinsson - new name accepted & new device returned

Checky vert & Or, a toadstool erased ermine.

Device returned for conflict with Leonardo il Calamaro (Jun 1992, via Calontir), (Fieldless) A morel ermine. There is one CD for the change in field tincture, but there is no CD between a morel (a tall mushroom) and a toadstool erased (a toadstool being described as wide and flattish). For heraldic purposes, a mushroom is a mushroom. "Erasing" the toadstool is not sufficient for a CD.

It was noted that a toadstool erased might have been better blazoned as a toadstool eradicated, but you can't eradicate something that doesn't have significant roots.