12 January, 2000

Greetings and Commendations unto the Heralds and Pursuivants of the East Kingdom from Lyle FitzWilliam, Eastern Crown Herald

This is the Letter of Report (LOR) on Internal Letter of Intent (ILOI) number 1999-03. Accepted submissions listed in this letter will be sent to Blue Tyger Herald, to be included in an External Letter of Intent (XLoI) to Laurel and the College of Arms.

1. Alric Stalworthe - new name accepted & new device returned for redraw

Azure, on a bend sinister dovetailed argent between a fire's flames proper and a falcon rising, wings displayed argent, 3 estoiles of 8 points azure.

The original ILoI listed the estoiles as argent; that was a typo for azure.

The device is being returned for a re-draw, primarily because the flames are not recognizable as flames. The commenters could not see that the flames were colored as a blend of red, orange, and yellow. Flames proper are red and yellow. Also, the B&W copies were "tricked" (marked with abbreviations for the tinctures).

Several commenters felt that the device was too complex. By the Armorial Simplicity rule regarding the Tincture and Charge limit (VIII.1.a), this device has 3 tinctures (argent, azure, "proper") and 4 charges (bend, falcon, flames, estoiles). If we count the flames as having two tinctures, red and yellow, then this brings the complexity count up to 8. This is at the limit according to the guideline, but does not exceed it.

The device was otherwise clear of conflict.

2. Anton LaFlamme de Saint Aubin - new name accepted & new device accepted

Gules, on a chief Or three mullets pierced azure.

Several commenters wondered why the submitter used the German form of Anton/Antoine, and suggested that it be changed to the French form. However, the submitter has marked the form as not allowing changes, so I cannot do so. As I also believe that a French/German name combination is reasonable, I am accepting the name submission as is.

There were no conflicts found with the device submission.

3. Azelin Cola of Wishford - new household name accepted & new badge accepted

(Fieldless) On a bell Or, a duck statant gules.

Household name accepted as House Ancaster.

4. Bronwen Carus - resub device accepted

Purpure, a tyger sejant Or.

No conflicts found. The similarity to the various East Kingdom badges, in combination with colors associated with the East, was noted. This information will be forwarded to the submitter, but it is not sufficient reason to return the submission.

5. Cassandra of Kendal - resub device returned

Sable, a bow drawn sinister and on a chief argent three trefoils vert within a bordure embattled counterchanged.

No conflicts were found with this device.

The complexity count for this submission is 7: Sable, argent, vert, bow and arrow (counted as one charge), chief, trefoils, bordure. Even if the bow and arrow are counted as separate charges, a complexity count of 8 is still allowed under the guidelines.

The device is being returned for style problem, based on Laurel precedent: "When a bordure and chief are used together, the chief almost invarably overlies the bordure. The rare exceptions generally don't have tertiaries on the chief, they would be crowded by the bordure, rendering them harder to identify. The handful of SCA registrations with bordures surmounting charged chiefs have subsequently been disallowed as precedent (LoAR of Oct 91, p 17), far more often, such designs have been returned as non-period practice...(Justin of Kent, December, 1992, pg 20)."

I will recommend to the submitter that the device be resubmitted with the chief surmounting the bordure.

6. Conor O'Ceallaigh - resub device accepted

Sable crussily Maltese, on a lozenge Or, a Maltese cross azure.

It was suggested that what the submitter wanted was for the lozenge to be "throughout". However, under the style of rendering primary charges as "big, bold, and butch", drawing the lozenge this large should be reasonable.

I do not believe that this will have a problem with the "sword and dagger" rule, but I will leave it to Laurel to make a ruling on that.

The device will be redrawn on the current form for Laurel.

7. Domenico Giovanni Belpensiero - new name accepted

The name is being accepted as "Domenico Giovanni Belpensiero".

Fucilla lists Bellanima ("beautiful soul") and Bellavita ("beautiful life") on p 59, and Bonpensieri (good thoughts) on p 60, both without dates.

8. Domhnal mac Fhionndara - new device change accepted

Per chevron vert and argent, three triquetras in fess argent and a lynx's face sable.

9. Duncan Kerr - new name accepted & new device returned

Azure, on a bend argent three crosses palewise azure.

Reblazoned as Azure, on a bend argent three crosses palewise azure, to get the alignment of the crosses correct (the default would be for the crosses to line up with the bend, i.e. bendwise).

Compare with Connor of Skye (Ansteorra 11/91), Azure, on a bend argent three descrescents palewise azure, and in sinister chief a dagger inverted argent and Jean-Marc de Folleville (Dec 81), Azure, on a bend argent between a mace erest and a bareel palewise Or three fleur-de-lys palewise azure. There is one CD for the addition of the secondary, and one CD for the change in type of tertiary (X.4.j.ii.(a)).

Unfortunately, the device conflicts with Andrea de Champs de Batailles, Azure, on a bend argent a unicorn's head palewise couped sable between two cinquefoils purpure. Only one CD can be granted for changes to tertiary charges.

10. Eleanora Stewart - new name accepted & new device accepted

Sable, chappe barry wavy azure and argent and sale, a crane in its vigilance maintaining a key argent.

NB: Chappé or Chapé is a field partition, not a charge.

Compare with Michael of Summerisle: Sable, a crane in its vigilance argent between in fess two mullets Or. There is one CD for changes to the field and one for the addition of the secondary charges. Clear.

Compare with Rosamund of the Misty Meadows: Purpure, a heron close supporting in de[x]ter upraised talon, a rose argent barbed and seeded gules. There is a CD for the field, but unless the rose is big enough to be considered a co-primary, nothing else. I will pass the submission to Laurel for a judgment.

11. Ermina de Falaise – submission withdrawn

Vert, a bend between six oak leaves Or.

The submission was previously accepted and sent to Laurel under ILoI K8, so this was a duplicate.

12. Frosted Hills, Shire of - new badge accepted

(Fieldless) A sturgeon naiant argent.

Compare with Cathal Sean O'Connlauin: Vert, a sailfin sculpin (Nautichthys oculofasiatus) naiant proper. A sailfin sculpin is mostly white with black — and these sorts of markings don't count for difference. On the other hand, it has a prominent fin on its head. On the gripping hand, a fish is a fish. I will pass this to Laurel for a ruling.

13. Kazimira Suchenko - new device accepted

Argent, a harpy azure, the human half proper, crined azure, orbed and armed Or.

I am going to need a ruling from Laurel on the blazon of the tinctures of the harpy.

14. Maddalena Salutati - new name change accepted

"Maddalena" was found on pg 23 of Fucilla, without date. "Salutati" was found in the Britannica Online, for Coluccio Salutati, 1331 – 1406, "Humanist and Florintine Chancellor." Her original name was Gwyneth Greenecliffe de la Brunefalaise.

15. Martin Diaz - resub device accepted

Argent, on a bend sinister cotised azure, three mullets of six points palewise argent

Reblazoned from Argent, on a bend sinister cotised azure, three mullets of six points argent. No conflicts found.

16. Sabina Wüterich - new name accepted & new device accepted

Argent, a griffin segreant azure, on a chief indented gules, tree oak leaves argent.

There is a period german cookbook authored by Sabina Welserin (the link incorrectly gives her name as "Sabrina Welserin", but the name appears correctly in the text), http://ww.best.com/~ddfr/Medieval/Cookbooks/Sabrina_Welserin.html

Compare with Marion Gwendolyn Morgan (East 08/88): Argent, a griffin segreant to sinister azure and on a chief embattled sable, three snowflakes argent. There is one CD for the posture of the griffin and one CD for the difference between snowflakes and oak leaves (X.4.j.ii.(b) or X.4.j.ii.(c)). Clear.

17. Sian of Malagentia - new name accepted & new device accepted

Argent, a horse salient between three snaffle-bits sable.

Although the horse does not appear to be in the typical "salient" position, this is one of the depictions of salient that can be found in period.

Compare with Aleta Ara of Helsgard, the Cruel (7/80): Argent, a horse salient sable upon a base embattled gules. There are three CDs for change to type, number, and tincture of secondary charge. Clear.

Compare with Alix de Lyon (Trimaris 12/97): Or, a horse rampant between 3 fleur-de-lys sable. There is no CD for the posture of the horse. There is one CD for field tincture and one CD for change in type of secondary. Clear.

18. Tovah bat David - new name accepted & new device accepted

Argent, a bend cotised azure between two pomegranites gules, seed Or, slipped and leaved vert.

No conflicts found. Please note that cotises are considered to be secondaries, not a treatment of the bend.

19. Ulrich Ruoff von Weinheim - new name change accepted & new device accepted

Azure crusilly a polar bear's head erased argent collared and langued gules.

"Crusilly" is specifically a semy of crosses crosslet, so no more need be said to specify the type of cross.

Semy is a strewn charge, not a field treatment (see X.4.e), so this device is clear of Audun the Red (2/75): Gules, a bear's head erased argent, armed & langued Or, orbed sable. There is one CD for the change in field tincture and another for the addition of the secondary charges.

20. Wulfhere of Stonemarche - new name accepted & new device accepted

Per fess argent and sable, a wolf's head erased to sinister and a closed gauntlet counterchanged

Reblazoned from Per fess argent and sable, a wolf's head erased contourny and a clenched gauntlet counterchanged.