Lyle H. Gray

6 June 2000

Unto the heralds and pursuivants of the East Kingdom College of Heralds does Lyle FitzWilliam, Eastern Crown Herald, send due commendations and greetings!

Herein are the submissions for the third ILoI of 2000 (2000-03), the Pennsic submissions. These submissions were delayed by administrative problems. There are 50 entries.

I’d like to have comments in hand on this letter by Monday, August 1st. As before, comments can be either in writing or submitted electronically (see revised e-mail address, above).

In Service to Crown and College,

Lyle Eastern Crown

1. Alatheia Fenwick of Clan Campbell (f) — new name change & device

Quarterly, vert and sable, a sun in splendour argent.

Name registered (9509, East). "Campbell" (Black,p390) is dated to 1390. The submitter prefers "Alatheia Fenwick Campbell" if this submission doesn’t pass.

Alatheia Fenwick of Clan Campbell
2. Alejandra Lucia del Castillo (f) — new name & device

Or, two panthers combattant and on a point pointed purpure, a castle argent.

"Alejandra" is given as the name of a 4th c. martyr (de Love, Nombres Propios Espanoles, pg 120). "Lucia" is undated but given as a saint’s name (ibid, pg 260). "del Castillo", meaning "of the castle", is dated to 1169 (Melcon, pg 241)

Alejandra Lucia del Castillo
3. Alexandria el Tigre del Castillo (f) — new name & device

Azure, a winged natural tiger sejant erect affronty argent, on a base Or, a castle sable.

"Alexandria" is dated to 924 (Morlet, p16). "Tegero" as a surname is dated to 1234 (Melcon, p262). The submitter prefers "el Tigre", but will accept the documented form. "del Castillo" (Melcon, p241) is dated to 1169.

Alexandria el Tigre del Castillo
4. Alexsander the Traveller — new device

Per pale vert and Or.

Name registered (9405, East).

Alexsander the Traveller
5. Andrea le Lapin (f) — new name & device

Azure, a rabbit rampant maintaining an axe, a chief embattled argent goutty de sang

"Andrea" is the submitter’s mundane name. "Lapin" is French for ‘rabbit’. This is intended as a nickname.

Andrea le Lapin
6. Angus Kerr (m) — new name & device

Or, a spear sable.

"Angus" is dated to 761 (Black,pg 23). "Kerr" is a proposed variant of "Ker" which is dated to 1190 (ibid, pg 394).

Angus Kerr
7. Antonia Bonetti (m) — new name & device

Sable, on a pile argent, an oak tree gules.

"Antonio" (de Felice, Dizionario dei nomi Italiani, p 69). "Bonetti" is listed as a variant of "Boni" (ibid, p 83).

Antonia Bonetti
8. Asa de Tanet — new device change

Per chevron sable and argent, two plates each charged with a mullet of seven points and in base, a lion’s head cabossed sable.

Name registered (9306, East).

Asa de Tenet
9. Astrid Olafsdotter (f) — new name & device

Vert, four weaver’s tablets bendwise crosswise argent.

Astrid" (Withycombe, p34) is listed as a Norse name, (Geirr, Bassi, p8) lists the name as "Astriūr". "Olafsdotter" (Geirr-Bassi, p13) is a patronymic form of "Olafr".

Astrid Olafsdotter
10. Brighid ni Gobhainn (f) — new name & resubdevice

Argent, a bend sinister gules, between a cat’s head cabossed sable and a thistle proper.

"Brighid" (OC&M, p36). "Gobhainn" (Black, pg 322) is listed as a variant of "Gowan". The submitter would prefer a Scottish form of "Brighid" if documentation is available.

Brighid ni Gobhainn
11. Brigid ”Neill the Limner (f) — new name & device

Gules, three bees in pall heads to center proper within a bordure embattled Or.

"Brigid" is given as an anglicized form of "an ancient Irish name" (Woulfe, p208). "Brighid" is mentioned as a saint’s name (Withycombe, p54). "”Neill" (Woulfe, p625) is dated to 943. "the Limner" is an occupational byname (R&W, p279).

Brigid ”Neill the Limner
12. Brithwen de Bores Hulla — new name

"Brithwen" (R&W, p65) is dated to 1066. "de Bores Hulla" meaning "Boar’s Hill" is dated to Henry II (Ekwall, p50).

13. Christopher of Haslingden (m) — new name

"Christopher" is the submitter’s mundane name. Haslingden is a town in England, west of Halifax.

14. David Gladstone (m) — new name & device

Vert, a rose barbed and seeded between two rats rampant argent.

"David" (Withycombe, pg 70). "Gladstone" (R&W, p192).

David Gladstone
15. Diana Scott — resub device

Vert, in pale a horse courant and a crescent and on a chief argent, three mullets sable.

Name registered (9808, East).

Diana Scott

16. Diego Miguel de Vega — new device change
Herald of Record: Kenrick

Vairy sable argent gules and Or, on a pile Or a fox rampant to sinister sable.

Name registered (9709, East).

Diego Miguel de Vega
17. Douglas the Indecisive (m) — new name & device

Per pale indented, argent goutty de sang and gules, a boot sable and an axe argent.

"Douglas" is the submitter’s mundane name. "the Indecisive" is a descriptive byname.

Douglas the Indecisive
18. Edward Newman (m) — new name & device

Ermine, an increscent and a bordure sable.

"Edward" is a common English name dated to 1086 (Withycombe, p 95). "Newman" is not found with this spelling but variants are dated to 1166 (Withycombe, p 322).

Edward Newman
19. Efa Cathfach (f) — new name & device

Barry wavy azure and argent, a dolphin haurient Or.

"Efa" (Jones, HR, A Welsh Miscellany"). "Cathfach" meaning "kitten", or "little cat" (Gomes, Y Geiriadui, pg 157). (Jones, HR, p 33) mentions numerous animals as nicknames.

Efa Cathfach
20. Eldritch of Sylvan Glenn (m) — new name

"Eldritch" is found as a byname with various spellings (R&W, p5). "Elrich" is dated to 1279, and "Elrigge" is dated to 1227 (ibid). Both as bynames. "Adelric, "∆ūelric", and "Egelric" are given as given names and are dated to 1066 (ibid).

No documentation is provided for "Sylvan Glenn".

21. Elissa Dondain — new badge

(Fieldless) A bunch of grapes slipped and leaved proper, enflamed Or.

Name registered (9808, East).

Elissa Dondain
22. Emma Grey (f) — new name & device

Per fess azure and vert, three towers argent and an acorn slipped and leaved Or.

"Emma" (Withycombe, p103). "Grei" is dated to 1198 and "le Grey" is dated to 1296 (R&W, p203).

Emma Grey
23. Eoin Mac Neill Mac Lochlainn (m) — new name & device

Per pale and per chevron inverted vert and azure two leeches (slugs) embowed counter embowed resplendant argent.

"Eoin" (OC&M, p88) is the heading. "Eoan" is dated to the 13th c. "Mac Neill" (ibid, p106) is dated to 724. "Mac Lochlainn" (ibid, p140) is dated to 1166. The double patronymic is dated to the 12th c. (Krossa, Sharon "A Simple Guide to Constructing 12th Century Scottish Gaelic Names").

Eoin Mac Neill Mac Lochlainn
24. Fiadhnait inghean Ciaragain (f) — new name

"Fiadhnat" (OC&M, p 99). "Carragain" is listed as a variant of "Corragain" (Woulfe, p452). The submitter prefers the submitted spelling, if permissible

25. Galienne la Bourgoingne (f) — new name & device

Vert, a sun argent, eclipsed sable.

"Galienne" Dubh, Colm, "An Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of Paris"). "Hyolent la Bourgoingne" is found in the same article.

Galienne la Bourgoingne
26. Galienne la Bourgoingne — new badge

(Fieldless) A hen contourney argent.

Name submitted on this letter.

Galienne la Bourgoingne
27. Grace Cecil (f) — new name & device

Per saltire argent and vert, a unicorn’s head couped Or.

"Grace" (Withycombe, p138). "Cecil" is the heading name (R&W, p88).

Grace Cecil
28. Gracia Vazquez de Trillo (f) — new name

"Gracia" (De Love, "Nombres Proprios Espanoles", p214). "Vazquez" (Benicoeur, A. "Romance Languages of the Mediaeval Iberian Peninsula", p3). "de Trillo" (ibid, p3)

29. Grainne inghean ui Bhrenain (f) — new name & device

Azure, on a bend argent between two garbs Or, three drums azure all within a bordure argent.

"Grainne" (OC&M, p114). "Bhrenain" (OC&M, p34). Submitter is looking for spelling "Bhraonain" [?].

Grainne inghean ui Bhrenain
30. Hurlan ”Corra — new device

Sable, an eagle’s head erased and an arm couped maintaining a spear fesswise Or, between flaunches vairy en point gules and Or.

Name registered (9005, East).

Hurlan ”Corra
31. Jerrolt Bšschler (m) — new name

"Jerrolt" proposed as a variant spelling of "Gerold". "Gerrelt", "Jerrold", "Garrelt" (1396), and "Gerolt" (1340) are listed as variants of "Gerold" (Bahlow, p167).

No documentation provided for "Bšschler".

32. Keneweard de Musgraue (m) — new name & device

Argent, on a pale between two trees eradicated azure, three mullets of four points argent.

"Keneweard" is a proposed variant spelling of "Kenward" dated to 1086 (Withycombe, p188). "de Musgraue" is a listed variant of "Musgrave" (R&W, p318).

Keneweard de Musgraue
33. Kirsten Weisel (f) — new name

"Kirsten" is a heading name but is not dated (Bahlow, p 295). "Weisel" is also listed as a heading name, but is not dated (ibid, p 601).

34. Lachlann mac Lochlainn (m) — new name & badge

(Fieldless) Two spears in saltire overall, a wolf’s head erased argent.

"Lachlann" (Black, p410) is dated to 1436 as a byname. "mac Lochlainn" is dated to 1166 (OC&M, p140).

Lachlann mac Lochlainn
35. Michael Acrensis (m) — new name & device

Gules, on a bend sinister between two crosses of Jerusalem argent, three crescents gules.

"Michael" (Withycombe, p218). "Acrensis" is a proposed byname intended as a Latin locative from "Acre" (Presumably the city in the Holy Land).

Michael Acrensis
36. Muriel de Chimay — resub device

Per pale azure and vert, in pale three swans naiant argent.

Name registered (9808, East)

Muriel de Chimay
37. Olga Kafskaia (f) — new name & device

Gyronny wavy of six argent and azure, a dragonfly vert.

"Olga" is dated to 940 (Wickenden, v3, p 130). Kaffa is a port on the Black Sea (NDP). This is a proposed locative using the feminine ending "-skaia" similar to the Shakhova and the masculine ending "-skoi".

Olga Kafskaia
38. Rhiannon ferch Tegan Glas Coed — resub badge

Vert scaly argent, a bordure invected Or.

Name registration not found in on-line O&A.

Rhiannon ferch Tegan Glas Coed
39. Rhys of Ravenhill (m) — new name & device

Quarterly vert and argent, a raven contourny sable, sustaining a grenade proper.

"Rhys" (Jones, H.R., A Welsh Miscellany, p31). "Ravenhill" is an SCA locative name.

Rhys of Ravenhill
40. Rolland Ian Macpherson (m) — new name & device

Per chevron azure and lozengy argent and sable, in chief two horses combattant argent.

"Rolland" is dated to 1086 (Withycombe, p 256). "Ian" is not dated but is listed as a Gaelic name (ibid, p178). "MacPherson" is the heading name with one form dated to 1420 (Black, p 557).

Rolland Ian Macpherson
41. Rosa da Murano (f) — new name & device

Barry wavy Or and azure seme of roses Or.

"Rosa" (Mittleman, "Feminine Given Names from Thirteenth Century Perugia"). Murano is the name of an island off of the coast of Italy (NDP).

Rosa da Murano
42. Rose Mary Goodheart — resub device

Sable, a garden rose slipped and leaved proper on a bend cotised and a bordure argent.

Name registered (9810, East)

Rose Mary Goodheart
43. Sabina de Lyons (f) — new name & badge

Gules, a lion’s head caboshed argent.

There is no documentation for the name.

Sabina de Lyons
44. Serena Terranova (f) — new name & device

Per fess purpure and argent, a dove volant argent and a cluster of grapes purpure, slipped and leaved vert.

"Serena" (Drake, Jo Lori, "Italian Renaissance Womens’ Names"). This source is from a website printout, though no copy or address was provided. "Terranova" is undated to period (DeFelice, p 247).

Serena Terranova
45. Shajar the Star Dancer (f) — new name & device

Purpure, on a fess between two mullets argent a crocodile tergiant vert.

"Shajar" (Appleton, David, "Arabic Naming Practices and Period Names List"). The byname is meant to be occupational. The submitter will accept "dancer", if necessary for registration.

Shajar the Star Dancer
46. Solveig Anderhalfholt (f) — new name & device

Per saltire vert and sable, three lions passant in annulo Or.

"Solveig" (Geirr Bassi, p 14). "Anderhalfholt is dated to 1357 (Bahlow, Dictionary of German Names, p 256).

Solveig Anderhalfholt
47. Symond Harley O Llyn Celyn (f) — new name & device

Gyronny of five issuant from the sinister chief point azure and argent, a hare sejant dexter foreleg raised proper.

There is no documentation for the name.

Symond Harley O Llyn Celyn
48. Thana of Tangier (f) — new name & device

Azure a lotus blossom between in cross four ostrich plumes shafts to center, argent.

"Thana'" (Appleton, David, "A List of Arabic Womens’ Names"). The submitter would like the byname translated to Arabic, if possible.

Thana of Tangier
49. Vitalia la Soleil (f) — new name & device

Or, on a bend sinister Gules three suns Or.

"Vitalia" is not cited to a specific date but is from Obituaire d’ Moissac (Morlet, pg 117). "la Soleil" (Dauzat, pg 554) is not dated.

Vitalia la Soleil
50. Wilthein Wisbram — new device

Per fess sable and Or, a fess wavy argent and in chief a bee Or.

Name registered (9704, East).

Wilthein Wisbram