Tanczos Istvan

3 October, 2001

Greetings and Commendations unto the Heralds and Pursuivants of the East Kingdom and others who receive this letter from Tanczos Istvan, Eastern Crown Herald

This is the Letter of Report (LOR) on Internal Letter of Intent (ILOI) number 2001-01. Accepted submissions listed in this letter have been sent to Blue Tyger Herald, to be included in an External Letter of Intent (XLoI) to Laurel and the College of Arms.

Note: The date of this letter does not reflect the actual date of decision for these submissions.

In Service,

Istvan Eastern Crown

1. Aetheric Lindberende - new badge accepted
[Fieldless] On a hurt embattled a rose argent barbed proper.

We note that were this not embattled, it would conflict with the badge of the House of York "(Fieldless), a rose argent." and with An Tir (8/97) "(Fieldless), a rose argent barbed and seeded slipped and leaved proper." The same reasoning applied to charged roundels does not apply to this one -- armory was not ever displayed on embattled roundels, and this is therefore fine.

Precedent is found in the tenure of Bruce: "Embattling the delf reduces its appearance as a medium for heraldic display -- just as a roundel indented (visually equivalent to a sun) no longer appears to be a medium for heraldic display." (Sabel Saer ferch Maerdudd ap Rhosier, December 1992, pg 10)

2. Alida de Conti - appeal name & new device returned for redraw
Azure fretty Or, on a pile throughout reversed Or, a thistle proper.

This would be written "Azure fretty Or, on a pile inverted Or, a thistle proper." since piles are 'throughout' by default, as per the Bruce precedent of August 1992 (Elwin Dearborn).

It has a drawing problem -- the bends are not all parallel to each other, and the bends sinister are not all parallel to each other. (The bends that meet at the top center need to be at the same angle as the other ones going in the same directions.)

3. Anne Meckil von Salm - new name accepted & new device returned for conflict
Argent, [on] a lozenge sable, a rose barbed and seeded argent.

Conflicts with Honor of Restormel (11/97, Drachenwald) "Argent, on a lozenge sable, a mullet Or." One CD for changes to the tertiary (of type and tincture).

Charged lozenges have long been considered "arms of pretense" in the SCA, and therefore we must also check "sable, a rose barbed and seeded argent." -- which conflicts with the badge for the House of York, protected by Laurel as significant mundane armory.

Also, the emblazon would be "Argent, on a lozenge elongated to base sable a rose barbed and seeded argent.", since default lozenges should be symmetrical both horizontally and vertically.

4. Antony Martin de Schefeld - new name accepted & new device accepted
Per fess embattled vert and argent, three arrows bendwise inverted argent fletched Or and a yew tree eradicated proper.

There exists an Antonia Mart{i'}n de Castilla. The 'change of name phrases' rule should clear this. (V.1.b.iv)

5. Aurelia du Vrai Coeur - new name change accepted & new device change returned for RfS violation
Per pale gules and argent, a chalice in bend Or, distilling a goutte argent, within a bordure nebully counterchanged, a sem{e'} sans nombre of Jerusalem crosses Or.

Device violates the rule of tincture, and thus must be returned.

Some suggestions were made as to changes that would yield allowable armory:

"Per pale gules and argent, a chalice bendwise Or distilling a goute argent within an orle crusily counterchanged.'

Also, "Per pale gules and argent, a chalice bendwise Or within a bordure nebuly counterchanged." was suggested, and appears to be clear of conflict.

6. Dorren of Ashwell - new badge accepted
[Fieldless] On a flame proper a heart argent.

The device is being redrawn as a modern emblazon of "(Fieldless) On a flame proper a heart argent." No conflicts were found against this armory.

7. Elyenora Wise de Caumbrigge - new name accepted

8. Enoch MacBain - new name accepted & new device accepted
Per pale sable and argent, a wolf and a hare salient addorsed, on a chief three mullets of six points all counterchanged.

Redraw the chief larger and the mullets slightly smaller to fit on the chief properly.

9. Matsuyama Mokurai - new change of holding name accepted

10. {AE}milia Silver - new alternate name returned for conflict & new badge accepted
Sable a phoenix rising from a single-horned anvil argent.

Unfortunately, this conflicts with "Amalia Silvia" (11/86 Meridies).

Emilia Layner ( Bassano ), Shakespeare's "Dark Lady" lived from 1569-1645. She wrote a book called "Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum." The 1611 printing has the author imprint as "{AE}melia Layner" (a scanned image of title page is visible at http://www.u.arizona.edu/ic/mcbride/layner/tile.gif) -- please add this to the Laurel documentation packet.

11. {AE}milia Silver - new badge accepted
[Fieldless] A phoenix rising from a single-horned anvil argent.

Possible Laurel X.5 call: Aelfraed Hawkmoon (1/99 Outlands) has the badge "(Fieldless) A hawk rising wings displayed and inverted perched atop [ an? ] anvil argent charged with a cross moline gules." Clear by CD count, but the only real visual difference appears to be the cross and the addition of the flames of the phoenix. (which are admittedly a pretty big addition)

12. Genevieve d'Angoulême - new badge accepted
Or, a heart sable within an orle of scallops inverted vert

Default for scallops is with the hinge to chief, these have the hinge to base.

13. Ordre du Meritu Martialis - new order name returned

Returned for lack of documentation as a period naming style.

14. Ordre du lys d'argent - new order name returned for conflict

Conflicts with "Argent Lily, Order of" (Kingdom of Meridies 9406). The O&A shows both argent and argente as being used in such names. As argent often is found combined with English words, I assume the form is heraldic.

15. Ordre de Mai - new order name returned

Returned for lack of documentation as a period naming style. Months were neither documented by the submitter nor documentable by the college as being used in period order names.

16. Ordre du P{'e}lerin - new order name accepted

17. Ian MacLochlainn - new device returned for redraw
Argent, 3 bendlets engrailed to chief and invected to based azure, overall a label of 3 points dovetailed sable.

The engrailed/invected lines are drawn too small to be visible at a distance. Heraldry should be drawn to be recognizable from a distance, per the Rules for Submission, parts VII.7 and VIII.3. SCA Heraldic precedent, established during the tenure of Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, is that 10 engrails/invects is about the limit of allowable complexity for lines which are not covered. Adding the charge overall may make the lines unidentifiable.

The bumps on the bumpitty lines are not lined up. This, with the 'verging on too many bumps' problem combined with the charge overall, is enough that it's not going to get through at Laurel.

18. Isabella of York - new name accepted

19. Jake de Twelfoaks - new name accepted & new device accepted
Azure, twelve oak leaves in orle argent.

20. Jessica Buckley - new name accepted & new device accepted
Vert, a triquetra between 3 hearts argent.

21. Jessica ingen u{i'} Buachalla - new alternate name accepted

We will be asking the Laurel commenters to apply the correct lenition and to correct spellings.

22. Jon of Hvalsoy - new name accepted

23. Kusunoki Yoshimoto - new device accepted
Argent, a demi-roundel gules issuant from 3 barrulets beviled azure.

We're not sure this blazon is right, but it's as close as we can manage to come. It may also be excessively modern style. Also, someone commented "think of this in silver on black with a full roundel -- it keeps trying to come to mind, but I can't get it."

Also, several commenters felt it was too referrential to the Japanese flag, and obtrusively modern.

We have decided that this is a judgment call for Laurel and the full College of Arms.

24. Mark of Bergental - new device accepted
Vair, a squirrel passant gules pierced by an arrow bendwise inverted sable.

25. Qutudai Ba'arin - new name withdrawn by submitter & new device withdrawn by submitter
Argent, a Chinese crabapple flower and a bordure gules, in chief stag's antlers sable.

26. Rives, Canton des - new branch name pended

We are pending this submission until we can get a photocopy of appropriate documentation. After receipt of that photocopy, we will accept the submission.

27. Michael of Exeter - new name change accepted & new device change returned for RfS violation
Sable, a chevron [voided] between 3 hearts voided Or.

Part VIII.3 of the Rules for Submissions states that voiding and fimbriation can only be applied to simple geometric charges placed in the center of the design, and thus this must be returned for the fimbriation of the hearts (which are not placed at the center of the design). There is a Jaelle precedent which affirms this (Michael die Zauberzunge von Essen 4/99), by returning "a chevron ... between three Latin crosses ... fimbriated."

28. Ysabiau de Mortagne - new name accepted & new device accepted
Argent, a fox courant guardant gules and a chief flory-counter-flory sable.