Lewis Tanzos

21 Decemberr, 2001

Greetings and commendations unto the Heralds and Pursuivants of the East Kingdom from Tanczos Istvan, Eastern Crown Herald!

This is the Letter of Report (LoR) on the Internal Letter of Intent (IloI) number 2001-04, dated 26 September, 2001. Acceptances on this letter have been sent this day to Blue Tyger Herald, to be included in an External Letter of Intent (XloI) to Laurel and the College of Arms.

In service,

Istvan Eastern Crown

1. Adelie M'Conchie - resub name accepted & resub device accepted

Per pale Or and sable, a turtle counterchanged

The fact that Mary, Queen of Scots married the Dauphin of France should prove that there was sufficient contact in period to justify this name combination.

The armory is clear of Helmar Marcellus du Corbier: "Sable, a leatherback turtle tergiant displayed Or." with two CD's for the field and the color of half the primary.

2. Adelie M'Conchie - new badge accepted

(Fieldless) On an oak leaf vert two arrows in saltire argent.

Clear of Letticia Troischesness: "(Fieldless) an oak leaf Vert."

3. Alaric Svartøx - new name accepted & new device accepted

Per saltire argent and sable, two ravens close in pale and two Thor's hammers inverted in fess all counterchanged.

4. Alasdair MacLeod of Durna - new name accepted & new device accepted

Vair, a griffin passant and on a chief sable three maple leaves argent.

Alasdair is found on p13 of Withycombe as Gaelic for Alexander, a popular name in the middle ages, and in Black for 1330 under 'Alexander', p16.

'of Durna' is required to clear a conflict with 'Alistair MacLeod'.

5. Albert Villon - new name accepted & new device accepted

Azure, a dragon sejant or and on a chief argent three torteaux

Albert can be found, and thus dated, as a male name in "Names from 14th Century Foix".

The chief should be drawn larger than it is depicted here, but is acceptable for registration.

6. Alianor of Ravenglass - new name accepted

The St. Gabriel article cited documents Alianor to 1273. Ravenglass can be found in Ekwall, s.n. Ravenglass, dated to 1297 as 'Ravenglas'.

7. Andreana da Padova - new name accepted & new device returned

Azure, a fox rampant maintaining a rapier fesswise reversed Or.

The rapier is considered maintained -- too small to count for difference. This, then, is equivalent to "Azure, a fox rampant Or", and must be checked as such. Because of this, the device conflicts with the following, all of which are clear of each other:

8. Angus Mockler - new name accepted & new device accepted

Gules, on a plate two wingless dragons compattant sable and a bordure indented argent.

We believe this name to be clear of "Angus MacClerie" on the basis of an extra syllable. There may be a problem with "Angus McClure" (6/91 via An Tir), but this is a judgement call for Pelican.

9. Anna Grey of the Steppes - new name accepted & new device accepted

Pean, an acorn and in chief three roses Or.

The baronial name is registered as "Steppes, Barony of the" (10/96, Atenveldt)

10. Aurélie Noulin - new name withdrawn & new device withdrawn

Argent, a catamount sejant and on a chief gules three lillies argent

If not withdrawn, the armory would have had a conflict with the arms for the College of Lion's March "Argent, a lion sejant erect grasping a spear and on a chief gules two laurel wreaths argent." There is a CD for the charges on the chief (change of type and number), but no difference between sejant and sejant erect.

11. Avice of Greylyng - new name accepted

12. Bram of Lyndon - new name accepted & new device accepted

Azure, on a bend sinister between two pheons argent, a badger rampant contourney palewise maintaining an arrow inverted sable.

We believe there was regular contact between Sweden and England during the middle ages - not just Vikings/England, so that a mixed name is registerable.

Bram is also found as a given name in 1347 in Sveriges Medeltida Personnamn.

13. Brianna Maharg - new name accepted

14. Bronwen Rose of Greylyng - new name accepted & new device accepted

Argent on a saltire vert a rose argent

15. Caera na Cridi Tréuin - new name accepted & new device accepted

Argent a triskellion of snail shells vert.

Tigernach (who is a Midrealm herald, not the submitter's local herald) did, in fact submit documentation that convinced us that the corrected name shown here is the correct form of what the submitter desired. However, there was nothing showing that this type of name is a reasonable byname for the time and place. Eastern Crown, knowing nothing of Irish naming practice, is booting this to Laurel.

16. Caera na Cridi Tréuin - new badge accepted

(Fieldless) a triskellion of snail shells vert.

17. Cassandra Grey of LochLeven - new name accepted

Leven is in Black, on p 426.

18. Catheryn Shadwell - new name accepted & new device accepted

Gules, in pale an owl contourney and a vol Or.

This one is going to wind up being a call for Laurel. Jeene MacDoughal bears "Gules, in pale two winged hearts Or". Elsbeth Anne Roth, Clarion Herald notes that there is no Laurel precedent stating that winged objects and wings are substantially different. In the absence of this sort of precedent, this would be a conflict.

19. Cellach MacFaoitigh - new name accepted & new device accepted

Sable, three quill pens in pile argent and a bordure rayonny gyronny Or and gules.

Cellach also in Black, p144, as a 10th C. Scots name meaning 'warlike', p397 [Killan] lists the old form as 'Ceallach.

20. Conrad MacCallum - new name accepted & new device accepted

Gules, on a tower argent a three headed dog sejant affronty sable, a chief argent.

Byname is a header spelling, with the form MacCalme dated to 1631. Killane is also in Black, p397. We do not think that 'of Killane' is needed to clear the conflict, but this is a judgement call for Laurel.

21. Dallán Ó Donnabháin - new name accepted & new device accepted

Per bend sinister argent and sable, two swords in saltire and a Celtic cross counterchanged.

O'Corrain & Maguaire, p77 under Donndubán lists Doinnabhán as the post-1200 form, and notes that the name was borne by a number of 9th and 10th century priests. We have placed it in the genitive form. MacLysaght, under (O) Donovan gives Ó Donnabháin as the Gaelic form

22. Devorgilla O'Brannigan - new device accepted

Per chevron Or and vert, two roses azure barbed vert and a dirk fesswise reversed Or.

23. Dianaim ingen Eochada - new name accepted & new device accepted

Purpure, a unicorn's head erased argent orbed sable langued gules between in cross 4 quill pens argent.

Eochada is listed as the genitive form of Eochaid (#5 in popularity as a male given name) in the article "100 Most Popular Men's Names in Early Medieval Ireland." This is a good early Irish name, there is no way to know if it's a good Scottish name.

24. Dianora Salviati - new name accepted & new device accepted

Azure, a sea-griffin erect contourny Or and a bordure Or semy of sage leaves vert

25. Santiago de Arcos - new name change accepted

26. Edward Glass - new device accepted

Or, a pair of eyeglasses sable

The glasses aren't folding -- they are a standard depiction of glasses from the PicDic.

27. Eibhlín inghean uí Choileáin - new name accepted

28. Eithne of Cantwaraburg - new name accepted & new device accepted

Argent, a strawberry plant fructed proper and on a chief triangular azure, a strawberry flower proper

Ekwall, under Canterbury dates "Contwaraburg" to 890. The device submitted does not actually match the worksheet from Pennsic, but was approved by the submitter.

29. Elayne Boyd - new name accepted

Boyd also appears in Reaney, p45.

30. Elisabetta Maldèstro - new name accepted & new device accepted

Argent a billet in bend sable and a billet in bend sinister gules voided and interlaced.

Elisabetta can also be found in period- Castiglione's "El libro del Cortegiano" (Venice, 1528) is set in the court of Elisabetta Gonzaga (1471-1526), Duchess of Urbino.

31. Elizabet Marshall - new name accepted & new device accepted

Azure, three squirrels sejant erect each maintaining a threaded needle Or

Marshal is also a header form in Reaney & Wilson

32. Elizabeta de Ravenna - new name accepted & name device accepted

Or, on a hand vert a sun argent.

33. Elizabeth la Brouillard - new name accepted

34. Elspeth le Fayre filea Dunecan - new name accepted

35. Friderich Hausknecht - new name accepted

36. Galfrid Montrose - new name accepted & new device accepted

Checky Argent & Sable a tower enflamed and in sinister canton a maltese cross gules.

37. Matatias de domo Leah le Blund - new name accepted

38. Tyrvaldr Berserkr - new name accepted

Gordon, p335, shoes 'berserkr' as berserk, p392 'valdaer' = power, 'valdyr' = wolf, carrion-beast. P334 has 'beidi-Tyr' as Tyr who requests, and 'Tyrfingr' with 'fingr' = finger p 344, and Tyrkir, where 'kir' =cow p 363.

39. Uaithne inghead uí Mhathghamhna - new name accepted

MacLysaght, p 205, lists Mhathghamhna for MacMahon and Mahony.