Tanczos Istvan

20 July 2005

Unto Elisabeth Laurel, Margaret Pelican, Jeanne Marie Wreath, and the entire College of Arms, greetings from Istvan Blue Tyger and the East Kingdom College of Heralds on this, the feast of St Margaret of Antioch, patron saint against sterility, in help of childbirth, dying people, escape from devils, exiles, the falsely accused and many other classes of people!

I present here this day the names and devices that the denizens of the East desire to have registered at this time. Unless otherwise noted, the submitter will accept all changes and has no desires for authenticity.

1 Caelin of Chepstow (m) - New Name

No changes.

'Cælin' - appears in Ælfwyn æt Gyrwum's "Anglo-Saxon Names" ( http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/aelfwyn/bede.html ) as a male Anglo-Saxon name. That source places it 'before the 8th century'. Searle links this to 'Ceawlin', dated to the 6th century and circa 700.

'Chepstowe' is in Ekwall listed as 'Chepestowe' 1308, 'Chepstowe' 1310, 'Chipestowe' 1311. It is a Norman castle in southeast Wales built in 1067, documented online at ( http://www.castlewales.com/chepstow.html ).

There is only a single step from period practice, for using names that are 700 years apart, so this remains registerable. The East is aware of the discrepancies between the documented 'Cælin' and the submitted 'Caelin', and is sending this up in the hopes that the College of Arms can document the submitted form.

Geoffrey Blesedale 2 Geoffrey Blesedale - New Device

Gyronny gules and argent, in pale a wood-hafted halberd bendwise sinister argent hafted proper sustained by a sheep couchant sable.

The submitter's name was registered in October 2003, via the East.

The halberd was blazoned by the submitter as 'proper'. The actual tinctures are brown for the haft, and a medium-grey for the metal parts. A color scan of the emblazon can be seen at http://mail.browser.net/~ech/ILoIs/2005-03-01/geoffreyC.gif . There was some question in-kingdom as to whether the tincture of the metal parts of the halberd should be considered argent or sable. If it is considered argent, both this device and item #3 on this letter may need to be returned for violating the Rule of Tincture and having the characteristic identifiable parts of the halberd be in a tincture having no contrast with the field.

As an aside, there are nearly no devices with halberds 'proper' in the O&A. The defining and only instance of a halberd proper is Michael of Brighthall: Or, three double-bitted halberds, two in saltire and one in pale, proper, and on a chief sable a sword fesswise reversed flammant proper. (August 1979, Caid). The primaries in Michael's emblazon are argent hafted of brown wood. (Thanks, Francois!) They are also poleaxes, not what I would call a halberd. The only other proper halberd which ever existed is that of Owain of Corn Valley, which was reblazoned as sable in January 2001.

Geoffrey Blesedale 3 Geoffrey Blesedale - New Badge

Argent, in pale a wood-hafted halberd bendwise sinister argent hafted proper sustained by a sheep couchant sable.

The submitter's name was registered in October 2003, via the East.

The item was blazoned by the submitter as (Fieldless) On a roundel argent ... stuff, which we have reblazoned, following standard SCA practice, as an argent field with stuff.

This item shares the possible Rule of Tincture violation and identifiability problems with item #2. The color emblazon can be seen at http://mail.browser.net/~ech/ILoIs/2005-03-01/geoffreybadC.gif .

Jan van Antwerpen 4 Jan van Antwerpen - Resub Device

Quarterly Or and azure, two lymphads sails unfurled azure

The submitter's name was registered in April 2004.

The submitter's previous device submission, Quarterly argent and azure, two lymphads sails unfurled azure, was returned by Laurel in October 2003 for conflict with Lee Sharpeyes, Quarterly argent and azure, four dhows reversed counterchanged. This submission clears that conflict by changing the tincture of half the field, for a second CD.

This makes, by my count, one name, two devices, and one badge. One of the devices is a resubmission, leaving three new items. A check for $12 will be forwarded from the kingdom exchequer.

Until next month, I remain,

      Istvan Blue Tyger


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