How to Submit (what to send where)

Please be certain that you have read through Before You Submit, and have gathered all of the necessary forms and documentation.

1. Prepare the correct number of forms, using the currently accepted forms

Form/Documentation # of Copies
Name Form 1 (one)
Documentation (if copies are required) 1 (one)
Armory Form with outline drawing 1 (one)
Colored form 1 (one)
Documentation (if copies are required) 1 (one)

As of July 2019, Juliana Laurel has stated that the sections for date of birth and submitter gender are not required information on submissions forms – heralds and submitters may leave those areas blank. New forms will be provided at a future date.

2. Prepare your payment

Checks or money orders should be made out to SCA Inc. – East Kingdom. 

  • Personal checks are accepatable, you do not need a bank check or other certified check.
  • You do not need to write a separate check for each item, a single check for the total amount is acceptable.
  • Please put your SCA name in the memo line of the check.
  • Multiple submitters in the same household can consolidate their payment and paperwork into one packet.


  • US submissions – $9.00 (US) per item, resubmissions are free.
  • Canadian submissions – $10 (CDN) per item, resubmissions are free.

Resubmissions are free if we can track down the earlier submissions, so please try to give us as much information on the prior attempt(s) as you can. Please write on the memo line of the check which SCA name it is for.

Consulting heralds, including consulting tables at events are no longer permitted to accept submission forms or payment. Instead, the completed forms will be given to the submitters, who will then mail them with the appropriate payment.

3. Send the complete packet to the correct submissions address

  • Please ensure that your envelope has sufficient postage.
  • Please do not send as registered mail or receipt requested. This commercial mailbox is usually checked after-hours, so anything requiring interaction with postal staff is usually returned to the submitter as “undeliverable.”

US Submissions

Submitters in the United States (Southern, Central, and Northern Regions) should mail submissions to:

Muirenn ingen Dúnadaig
Blue Tyger Herald
Box 5249
Albany, NY 12205

DO NOT make out the check/money order to Blue Tyger Herald personally! See above for the payee. Checks mailed to Blue Tyger must be in US Dollars.

Canadian Sumbissions

Those in Canada (Crown Province of Tir Mara) should mail submissions to:

Jeanne de Robin, Blue Alaunt Herald
Joanna Hobbins
Montreal, QC
H3W 3H8

DO NOT make out the check/money order to Blue Alaunt Herald personally! See above for the payee. Cheques mailed to Blue Alaunt must be in Canadian Dollars.