Staffing Updates

Unto the heralds of the East, greetings!

I have been remiss to not inform you of a number of staffing changes in the Blue Tyger office over the past several months.

Mistress Alys Mackyntoich has stepped down as Blue Tyger Herald, and it has been my great honor to step up as her successor. I hope to serve with anything approaching the diligence and grace that she did.

Maryna Borowska has stepped down as Mosaic Herald (Kingdom notifications), and while Violet Mural did an excellent job covering that position for several months, she is back to only one set of responsibilities, as Esterke bas Simcha has stepped up as Mosaic.

Jeanne de Robin has stepped down as Blue Alaunt Herald (Tir Mara submissions), and Conn mac Branain has stepped up.

I am grateful to all these gentles for their hard work, and I am glad for the honor of working with such a competent and motivated staff.

In service to College and Kingdom,
Anéžka Liška z Kolína
Blue Tyger Herald

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