Updates – new website, forms, Pennsic submissions

To all heralds and pursuivants, as well as the general populace of the East, does Muirenn Blue Tyger, submissions herald, send greetings.

A new Blue Tyger website was launched before Pennsic. The URL remains the same – https://bth.eastkingdom.org/. Please note that there is an orange “Translate” button at the top, which should aid those who do not easily read English (although we acknowledge that auto-translate is never perfect.) Further attention will be devoted to developing fully translated pages in the coming months.

Juliana Laurel has stated that the sections for date of birth and submitter gender are not required information on submissions forms – heralds and submitters may leave those areas blank.

Next month we enter the season of processing Pennsic submissions. Consulting heralds should advise their submitters that items sent in from August through December may incur a bit of a delay while three months worth of Pennsic submissions are processed.

The East Kingdom receives fully 1/4 to 1/3 of our yearly submissions from one week at Pennsic. The submissions staff appreciates everyone’s understanding and patience while we work to process submissions in the order that they are received.

Yours in service
Muirenn Blue Tyger

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